TANKS! German Jag Panther.

tanksHere it is! The game about tanks, that comes with three tanks.

Last weekend I put one of the TANKS! from the starter together. To my delight there was enough bits on the Panther frame to build a Jag Panther!

We’ll put up a bigger post about the game bits and how it plays soon. But in the mean time, here is how it all turned out.

I cut up a White metal T-34/76 track and supa glued it down inside the hull to give it a bit of weight.

I was very surprised, after undercoating and base coating the JP, that the plastic colour is identical to the spray colour.

Yes, I’m very happy with the result. I’ll be putting that Jag Panther to work in my FOW lists. I really wasn’t expecting to do so, but GF9 cut no corners with the TANKS!, tanks.

I highly recommend the Panther. So, on to the Sherman’s.

Swearin’ Dave goes to the Museum

Here are some pics curtesy of Dave from the Newcastle boys. The Perith lads will have to road trip it to see this me thinks!



Winterfest Campaign details

D-Day is here!

Ken Snell and the Canberra Gaming Society will be hosting a Firestorm Overlord campaign at Wintercon on the weekend of 16-17 July.
Here is the info for the Wintercon’s campaign.

CanCon Dragon says "Go play Flames at CanCon!"

CanCon Dragon says “I rolled a six!”

Here is the event info

IS-2 tri-cam

I like world of tanks. I don’t love it, the Mid war monsters included in the game and the multi-national tank forces per side make it 50% worse than it could be. But, I did find a nice cam pattern in it I thought I’d give a try.
So I undercoated with Russian green, the used Blue Tac and the British Tank green spray to add a lighter cam stripe. Then I added Khaki Grey stripes with a brush.
It’s hard to find historical reference for Soviet cams, I’ve seen stuff like it, but this cam is rated as ‘f for fun’ as far as historical accuracy is concerned. Enjoy!


Upcoming events!

It’s business time! Come out and play. Bring your big cats!012815_1248_CanCon2015T1.jpg

Panzer Angriff Events Calendar for Term 1 2016


5th & 6th 2016- SABRE Mega Games Penrith.

20th- Club Meeting at Mega Games Penrith. 1650 Mid or Late war.


3rd – Club Meeting at Mega Games Penrith. 1650 Mid or Late war.

9th – 10th ‘The Middle’. (ETC Sponsor Fundraising event). MW 1650. The Hall of Heroes Campbelltown.

15th – 17th Ironfest. WW2 historical show. Tanks and small arms display. Lithgow, The Blue Mountains.


1st – Inter-Club Challenge. 8:30am – 6pm. The Hall of Heroes Campbelltown. 1650 LW.

29th – 1650 Mid war campaign set in Tunisia: ‘Burning Tiger, the end of the Africa Korps’. Africa lists only (preferably Tunisian) No Rommel hero. Held at Mega Games Penrith. Red on blue only.


4 – 5th Mid War GT. The Hall of Heroes Campbelltown.

26th Club meet, Panzer Angriff Club Mega Games Penrith.


15 – 17th Wintercon! D-Day Campaign, Canberra ACT.

24th ETC team send off, The Games Cube Parramatta. 1650 MW tournament.

Game on people!


Eastern Front now on Forces of war.


The Eastern Front Mid-War book lists are now available on Forces of war. Eastern Front lists can be purchased “by country” in addition to the entire book at once, or by individual Lists.


Go get it!


Sabre 2016 is a go!


March 5 & 6th, 2016.

Here is your players pack:


1650 LW two day tournament and a two day Casino Campaign. (One day play available).

All details in the pack!

International and interstate vistors are very welcome to stay with PA members during the tournament. Just drop us an email through the ‘contact us’ page.

New army, check it with this list.

New list? How do you know it has what you need?

We knocked together a check list for you:

Don’t mix your platoon ratings. If your infantry are vet but your AT guns are trained don’t combat attach them! Don’t mix them together on the table. Don’t let your opponent kill your veteran units using the trained units as ‘ranging in’ targets.

Even platoon numbers only, unless it’s 9 platoons, (that saves you a victory point) your odd platoon stays off.

Make sure that your list works with half of your army off table.

Make sure your list works under mobile reserves rule.

Make sure that the things coming on to the table from reserve can move to where you need them. If a unit is immobile give it trucks.

When you build a list ask yourself which platoon is doing your assault. Or assaulting to recover your objective.

Maximise your hq platoon, the ability to customise your force for each game will add flexibility to your game plan.

Re-rolls double your chances, the more units with moral re-rolls the better your army will be. British bulldog, protected ammo, 1ic, commissar, Unflappable, Etc.

You can’t kill things you can’t see. You need recon to lift gone to ground. Your recon saves you from infiltrations and ambushes. Don’t build a list without it!

Don’t count on air. It’s not artillery, it’s not an anti tank gun and it doesn’t count as a platoon. Most of the time you can’t afford it.

AOP is not air. If you can get it for you artillery then get it.

Play to the strength of your lists national rules.

Avoid using allied troops, you can’t reroll their morale checks.

Avoid lists that have no 2ic.

If it’s an infantry list, make sure you can attack. If you’ve made a Tank list, test how it defends. In the age of auto attackers and defenders nothing is certain.

Good luck with you lists!

Cancon D’N’D event.

Hi all, as you will hear in our coming podcasts, the DND team are going to put on a ‘master class’ on list creation at cancon this month. So straight after the last FOW round Saturday come over and have a listen. We’ll be giving away DND dice and a Coke!

At this stage Phil Yates will join us to add his expertise and answer list related questions too.

See you in the gaming heaven that is Cancon!



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