Poland Invaded!

The next game in our complete replaying of WW2 was the invasion of Poland.

Ben played an Confident Trained infantry company and David played. Fearless Veteran Infantry company.

All was going well until the StuG’s failed to tack care of the Mini tanks!

Also the Polish flank attack special rule meant I had to hold both objectives with infantry stopping me from setting a full attack. When it came, 12 stands of fearless infantry swept the Germans from the objective.

Sabre details

Sabre is close again.

This Year we will venture back into LW using the Version 4 rules for the first time at a Sabre.

It doesn’t matter how you get us your lists, email, FB or FB messenger, just get it to us by March 1st.

Sabre 18’ is a 1500 point LW V4 two or one day tournament. Cost $40 for both days $25 for one. The venue is Mega Games, Hight St, Penrith, stat time 8:30am.

Coffee is available with hot breakfast from cafes either side of the venue from 6am, participants dinner will be at the Barvarian Beer Hall at 6:30pm.


Product review: Bishop

I like wacky ww2 gear. Trains, pak40 RSO’s and now these little gems.

I plan on adding these guns to artillery bases and using them as 25 pounders.

Over all a fun little build. Historically these vehicles were another desert fail, being too restricted by its poor armoured box, the gun lacked elevation. Making it’s gun crew dig ditches or embankments to give it the elevation to act as artillery.

Ben and David start World War Two.

This year we are going to fight as much of ww2 as we can. Starting in Finland and ending in Berlin. Each fortnight we will fight a new part of the war. Just because we can and because we have played a whole year of the desert and now wish to mix it up a bit.

The Fins desperately try to hold on to a small village by a frozen river.

Then mission was breakthrough. David as the fins, chose to leave me with the whole left side as he wished to put as much in the vill as possible. In the end my flank attack, though failing, pulled too much from the river objective. Helped by some uneven dice, the Soviet attack gained a foothold through the centre.

Diesel N Dust – Episode 30

Diesel N Dust – Episode 30

Armies of Late-War

Ben and David talk have got their hands on the new Flames of War ‘Armies of Late War’ Book. So, it’s time to take a look inside and build some lists.


Our other club meeting dates

September -17th. 80 points Mid War. MOAB warm up.
September 30 – October 2 MOAB Sylvania heights.
(No club meeting)
October 15 – 100 points Mid War.
October 29th – Mid war 100 points.
November 11th – 12th Canberra GT. Mid War 100 points.
November 26th – Mid war 100 points.
December 10th – Panzer Angriff 2017 – Christmas Game Day

See you at the club!

Fighting First Launch day!

Sunday September 3rd at Mega Games Penrith.

We have a promotional copy of the book and the new cards set.
We are working with Aetherworks to discover if we will have copies of the new book to sell.
There will be U.S gear from the book available to buy on the day.
We will be running a V4 mw jump in and learn to play day.
We will have armies available to use on the day and fully tricked up desert tables to play on.
Come join the fun after the day at the Bavarian beer hall after!

Diesel N Dust – Episode 29

Diesel N Dust – Episode 29

Part 1 – Ben and Ry talk about the  new Fighting First Book and in Part 2 – Ben and Mike talk tactics after getting some games in with the new book.

Beefing up the BF battlefield in a box

A little while before V4 hit town we did a ‘how to make a desert table’ article. Since that time Battlefront have released a desert basing kit.

Let’s upgrade these battlefield in a box items with this kit and see what kind of results we get.

So here are the results. I’m very surprised how cool this terrain has turned out. I did all this in just an afternoon.

The new battlemat looks great too!

ETC results are in… and the winner is…

1st place: England

2nd: Poland

3rd: USA

4th: Australia

Congratulations to England on their ETC victory.

Well played team Australia! A very successful campaign!

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