Bovington Panther project

A year or so ago I discovered this photo of a Panther taken from Bovington.
At Cancon I asked Phil Yates about its colours. He said that around the bridge at Remagen era the German forces ran out of paint at the assembly line. So many of the German vehicles went to the front in just the red primer.
So this one looks like when it reached the front the engineers had some little paint left and tried their best to give it something to save it from allied air power.
So here’s my attempt to discover how a platoon looks in these colours.
First I under coated them in brown. Then lightly brushed in Hull Red. Then a light dry brush with mostly red mixed with hull red. Then, using blu tac thinly rolled I use the plastic soldier spray (German armour LW) Make sure the spray has dried completely before peeling of the blu tac otherwise the paint comes away with it.
Then I added the cream transition lines. This was a mix of white and middle stone. The rest was mud and detail. Hope you like them.
I’ll take more when they hit the table at SABRE.

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One thought on “Bovington Panther project

  1. After seeing Lockies red tanks at SABRE I think Dave and he are right about Cavalry Brown being the right colour. The hull red comes out a beetroot colour. Check out Lockies big red one!
    (I’ve added it to the gallery).

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