The Inter-club challenge 2014 – Get your team together!

The Inter-club challenge will be held at the Mega Games Traders Penrith May 4th 2014.


How do I get my team into the Challenge?

You need a minimum of four players. We’d like you to bring six or more.

If you are a FOW player at the Hall of Heroes, or in the Campbelltown area, see Matt or Lockie about getting on the HoH team. If you are from the Blacktown/Parramatta area get in contact with Scott through the Games Cube in Parramatta.

I don’t play in a store, can I still play for my area?

Yes! Go to our ‘contact us’ page and give us your name and where your from. We’ll contact your area captain and get you on the team.

Can I get a team together from another area, like NZ or Melbourne?

Sweet! Please do! Let us know who you are, how many your bringing, where your from and we’ll add your team to the card.

For all the info you need go to the Inter-Club Challenge link above.

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