Snakes on a Plane – updated


This is not a movie review (nor a love song if you remeber the PIL song), more a lamentation, then a renewal.

My point? Well, I suppose I do need one after all.

The lamentation..My good mate and fellow blogger Ross borrowed my HS 129 for the mid war GT, and it got scratched. As anyone with BF planes knows, once the paint scratches, the aircraft is doomed, all the paint will come off. And as much fun as it is to blame Ross, I hadn’t known about the need to prepare BF aircraft before painting them, so it’s not all Ross’s fault. I need to strip and repaint the HS129.

After an exhaustive 15-20 minute search of teh intawebz (then ages looking at cool plane pictures) I decided that there aren’t any HS 129 decals in 1/100 scale. There are, however, loads of cool Stuka decals.


A quick check of my cupboard and I had two Stukas, and 2 Stuka decals sets. So I got myself a cool decal sheet from Peddinghaus decals in Germany. Ever since I painted a desert HS129 for Dave, I’ve wanted one of my own, so I will do two desert planes, one Stuka and one HS 129, using the cool new sheet for the Stuka, and the BF one I have for the HS 129.

So this will be a bit of a work in progress post, since I didnt get everything done today.

Then renewal. First step was to strip the old paint off, spray with dull coat, then make it yellow.

Yellow…Yellow planes

Then, hit them with the airbrush for some camo, then another dull coat.

At this point I’d realised a combo of odd light and incorrect airbrush pressure had messed up the HS 129, so I had to re spray it.

TBC….. (I’ll get to the snake part too, eventually)

Like, today! Yay, the snake part.

Still WIP. Stay on target, stay on target…..


As much as I like the Peddinghaus decals, I have two qualms. First, the snake is a bit big, and the white colour saturation could be denser, it’s a bit opaque. I do love it though.

The other concern is the sheer number of decals. Every tiny sign, circle, or Mark from an actual Stuka is on the decal sheet. Which is great, it’s also a pain. My now old eyes can’t see enough to get them cut out and stuck on, the number of layers means it takes several days of decal application then drying to ensure the lower layer don’t move, and I start to wonder if the tiny decals actually improve the look of the aircraft, or detract from it. I lean towards a simplification, personally, so, I’m leaving most of the tiny decals off. I might put some on the HS 129, to ‘bulk ‘ it out a bit.

Another minor quibble is the instruction sheet is for the 1/72 scale version, and the numbers of each decal don’t match what was supplied. Overall the quality of the decals and the sheet is outstanding, so on the whole, I highly recommend Peddinghaus decals if you want your FOW aircraft to stand out. This wasn’t meant to be a review, btw. It just evolved.

Also the newly spotty HS129, still WIP.






Both now done.  First the Stuka;





The HS129;





Both together.


I have to say, I’m pleased with how they’ve turned out.  The stripping was easy, the decals well worth the time spent, and overall they are much improved over the old versions.

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3 thoughts on “Snakes on a Plane – updated

  1. How about doing a paint by paint step ? What colours did you use and so on.

    Painting tips for those of us (ie me) that could always use some painting help 🙂

  2. Easy James,

    Step one, spray with BF Italian Armour. (OOP)
    Step two, airbrush with Tamiya Olive Green acrylic.

    Dullcote, wash to taste. Done.

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