Better the Devil You Know – MOAB Review

Well, MOAB is done and dusted, and I’ve now had just the 10 games with the Chaffees, using this list. The per-tournamnet practice matches didn’t show any real draw-backs or weaknesses. Eight tournament rounds later, and there was was too much this:


TD’s burning. Who saw that coming?

and way too much of this:


Ryan’s STuH42s make short work of my paper armour


Round 1. Lachlan was shooting ducks in a fish barrel.

Which was to be expected, I knew light armour wouldn’t win a stand-off, and I was aggressive (mostly) with this force to utilize my advantages; speed and stabilizes. The big thing missing? Not enough of this:




This last one was most satisfying…

I finished the tournament with a 3-5 Win Loss (with one 1-6 and one 6-1 – everything else was 4-3 or 3-4). So. The good, the bad and the ugly of my MOAB force.


The Good
How good are 15cm guns? Wonderful you say? Above-expectations-awesome. That’s how good. Sure, no Time on Target is a drawback, and hitting as trained artillery (and getting hit in return) meant I was actually missing more than I was hitting. But when these badboys hit. They hit hard.


Captured Gun Goodness

The 15cms took out a shopping list of opposing forces, KTs, enemy artillery, 88’s, infantry, and an ungodly amount of enemy armour. At one stage a Guards Recce player brought up a short platoon to threaten the objective my artillery was babysitting, only to be direct-fired into oblivion. The AOP was nice, more than nice actually, helping me pick priority targets and taking the pressure off the deployment of my observer (and allowing Audie Murphy to do other Audie things). I lost the AOP only once in the entire tournament, being particularly careful to avoid those pesky .50cal AA guns.

The next ‘good’ thing, Stabilisers. Wow. These things kept my Chaffees alive, allowing double shots of smoke rounds, or better yet, the statistically improbable ‘6 shots on 6s’:


Duly noted

I found the Stabilisers to be a fun addition to the list, and they blew my expectations away. I normally presume to miss with my dice rolling (as Sean will attest), so when the 5’s and 6’s popped up, I was a happy man.

50.cals and tanks with three MGs. That was particularly nice when I (finally) faced infantry companies – that volume of shots, and the 5+ FP in particular is sensational.

Firepower checks – somehow, for once, I nearly always got my 3+ to kill (or 2s with those incredible 15cm guns!) an enemy team. I’ll take that week in week out.

An honourable mention to the Never out of touch rule for the 2nd Cav company – re-rolling reserves got me more than I should have (including three successful ‘calls’ for reserves on the first available attempt).

The Bad
Front Armour 4. In a duel between Panzer IV (J)s and M24s, that one extra pip would have given me a slim hope of bouncing shots. It would have been even better against the Cromwells!

AT 10. I did bag a KT in the rear after Ryan obliged me by rolling a 1 to save his big cat. That, however, was the exception. Too often I saw either great armour saves (AT 10 vs SA 5!) or I just brought too little punch to the fight. The TD’s, while AT 13 (and claiming a pair of KTs themselves) were over worked and had to be used carefully to ensure their maximum effectiveness (like killing seven Soviet Shermans in one round of fire). That left me critically low of high powered anti-tank fire.

Motivation checks. Just. Sigh

The Ugly
Confident Infantry. I had expected the infantry to do an enormous amount of work, and they just… couldn’t cut the mustard


Three times I lost these guys to platoon motivation checks; each time taking my CO with me. They weren’t used recklessly either, an 11 team veteran platoon should have some staying power, but six kills and that was it. They failed countless tank terror and counterattack checks, and often remained pinned. I would love to take fearless troops given the chance. Hmm, Bridge at Remagen is starting to look tempting…

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  1. When you wrote “In a dual between Panzer IV (J)s and M24s” did you mean fighting a ‘duel’ or were there ‘two’ IVJs ?


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