It’s funny who you get to play in big tournaments. I’ve been to several events and have never played Ryan before (who was famous/infamous for running Otto’s Tiger 1e’s very successfully). Top bloke and I’m glad to finally get a game in with him. As it was, my round three draw was Dust Up and I’d be taking on Ryan’s new focus – Bridge by Bridge SS (KG Arnheim), looking something like this:

HQ with schrek
SS-Aufklärungs Platoon
85. Grenadiers with schrek
SS Heavy with 2 MG42s
2 Königstigers (for a whopping 690 points!)
3 StuH42s
2 SS PaK40’s
Sporadic FW 190F

Ouch – from the get-go I knew this list would be trouble for my light tanks. I started with the guns, infantry and one Chaffee platoon on the table, with me recon, TD’s and the other M24s coming on from reserve. Ryan left his StuHs, Aufklärungs and MG42s in reserve. Fortunately for my, the KTs only rolled clever hands. Unfortunately for me, with Pak40s, schreks and KTs blocking the way, I was unlikely to hit Ryan’s objectives early on.

Onto deployment:


Ryan’s tough-nut-to-crack corner

Lucky for me the KTs bagged ‘clever hands’. Relief!


Ryan had air – ARV doin’ its baby-sitting thing…



PaK40s and Grenadiers. Plus the odd fasut/schrek. Looks like one safe objective to me!

Turn one


KTs on the move


The AOP ranges in, naturally I miss with the artillery.

Not much happens in turn one. Lots of hiding on my part – Ryan moves the KTs out aggressively..


2IC takes a pop shot. Needing a roll of a one to save the tiger, Ryan, naturally obliges.


In order (Red, Black, Red) – Hit, Save, Firepower!

At the end of turn two, killing one KT (and not dying in return) is the grand sum of our efforts thus far. Ryan starts turn three by bringing the StuHs on, right opposite objective held by the US Infantry…






The artillery had ranged in each time, but was yet to score a hit. The StuHs made them pay.


The KT Commander protects its flanks from my likely tank destroyer arrival


My first reserves – Chaffees move to outflank the KT…


While I send the CO and original Chaffee platoon after the StuHs. Such a threat cannot be ignored for long.


Ranged in, again. With two guns firing the outcome is predictable.


The Chaffees to their best impression of whiffle-ball; hitting the StuHs once! Ryan bounced it with ease, and then turned their guns towards the hapless M24s. Predictable carnage

Ryan really blew the game open here – although I kept the platoon alive (one tank was hiding, I forgot to move it!, and it passed the platoon check).


In response to Ryan’s domination on the left, I bring the TD’s on and go Tiger hunting


Cav Recon on as well. These boys zip up the road to annoy harass Ryan’s infantry in a turn or two.


Ryan’s KT moved to engage the flanking Chaffees, but copped an M10 round in return!


The SS arrive an assault the infantry – one bogging on the way in, of course!


Bounced! The Bazookas do their job. Forcing the assault back and nailing a few casualties in the process


Artillery ranges in on a new, priority target – and bags a StuH!


SS try their luck again – though pinned, the Bazookas do their job again!


SS taking a beating


Which leaves the job to the StuHs – who promptly annihilate my infantry. Game to Ryan!

To my right I had the Cav Recon, M10s and Chaffees desperately trying to clear the grenadiers – but I couldn’t get into assault range or bag the Panzerschrek. I did manage to kill the PaK40s, giving me a second platoon, and a 4-3 loss.

This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable games of the tournament. Ryan stated later that he probably should have assaulted with the StuHs, with their skirts and (relatively) better armour; can’t say I disagree, although I probably wouldn’t have assaulted at all, and just let those breakthrough guns do the talking! It was a great game to play – Ryan’s dice did most of the damage, either failing to save Chaffee shots, or bogging on the assaults – it certainly provided us with plenty of entertainment!


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