US Armoured Infantry – Step by Step Painting Guide PART 2

By David Geddes

From Maitland Wargame Group

Fellow Aussie David Geddes has kindly given Panzer Angriff permission to post his amazing painting guide from the Flames of War Facebook group


US Armoured Infantry – Step by Step Painting Guide


Next….boots…..I am aware that there are official painting guides for these figures but I never use them. I look for pictures on the net and get colours close.

Boots are base coated in Dark Brown.

The finished boot basecoat.

Next the boots are dry brushed in this red colour. (I forget the name.) Boots don’t seem very important, but I find 2 colours on the boots really add to the look.

The platoon with the 2nd coat for the boots

A closer look.

Gaiters are next.

Gaiters being painted. I try to leave a small black line between each section of the model. On some models there is a sort of a line down the side of the gaiter which I also try and leave black

All Gaiters done

Pants. These colours are the colours that Warren chose for his figures

Block painting of the trousers, being carfule to leave a line between the Gaiters and then also leaving the recesses black.

US Dark green fully applied to this stand.

The Platoon finished with Trouser mid coat. (Low coat being black) There are some people out there who would use 3 different shades of green for the pants.

In my view there is no greater dark colour than black….which contrasts very well with the mid colour.

I think it works well for this scale, but anything larger I may have to rethink that….

Next… coat for the pants is a grey colour.

This time just go over the raised sections…leaving a 3 colour contrast.

The pants are finished.


Again make sure to leave small black lines between the belt and only do the raised areas

A finished stand.

The platoon ready for the upper jacket coat.

I don’t have a light Khaki sort of colour so I mix about 60% White and 40% Khaki.

Once again only paint the raised areas.

The jackets of the platoon completed. Again they have a 3 tone contrast which helps to bring them out.

Belts and webbing are Green Grey….again. Wazza wanted this colour, but I think I would have chosen something a bit different from the pants

A stand with webbing done.

There is only one dude with a grenade….

And I painted it here.

Bazookas, Mortars and Bazooka rockets are painted with this.

I just wanted a different colour to the US Dark green to get a bit of contrast…..just about any mid to dark or earthy green would do.

The guys with painted equipment.

Next a mix of 50/50 with white…….

To go over the bazooka’s and mortars. I also try to put a white line on some things to make it look like writing. Again…in an effort to try and bring the model out.


Brown again.

This colour is for Rifles, Spade and knife handles

Getting there!!!!!

Gunmetal for exposed gun parts, Bayonet Hilt, and Canteen cap.

Once again I try to just dab and leave any recessed black

A slightly brighter green for Gun slings.

Probably not 100% accurate but I’m trying to get away from all those drab colours in order to get it to stand out

3 Colours for Bincle….Bynoocl….Eyeglasses….

Seen here behind the platoon commander.

A better picture?

Now the fun starts…..the little armoured insignia on the left sleeve of each figure. I even ditched this blue you see for a lighter blue on the models.

Start with a Small Black Tri-angle on the left

Sleeve of each figure. Any that you want with stripes also start here by drawing it in black first.

Then apply the yellow. I have found that the paint works better when thick. You want a nice bright dollop just at the top of the triangle and a thick bright line for any stripes.

Now a similar dollop of bright red in the bottom right corner of the tri-angle.

Last a bright blue dollop in the lower left of the tri-angle. Now it’s obvious who these infantry belong to……

This colour is for……..

The one dude who is wearing heat resistant gloves.

This is when the models start to come alive. I like this part. Faces and hands.

Once again I am careful just to dab on the raised surfaces.

It works quite well for giving the impression of faces and fingers.

No matter how hard you try….no face ever looks the same as the next….which also works in your favour.

Be sure to paint the neck if possible

The faceless platoon now has faces and a personality.

Another look at the faces.


Pretty straight forward. I just go around the rim and then the top part to leave a black line at the bottom, which I hope looks a bit better than all green.

Next the Chin Straps.

On the tops of the helmets. When there done I go back and make a tiny black line on either side of the chin strap in order to separate it from the green of the helmet.

Last……Lieutenant bars on the helmet of the officer and on each of his colour cuffs….(Is that what you call them?)

Lacquer time. Several coats of gloss clear followed by one of Flat clear. I feel the bases have to be functional.

So I don’t like putting fences and trees, and a lot of other crap on their.

I put a lot of lacquer on them as they need to survive many hours of gaming.

They are not for looking at but for playing with.


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