Hail Mary – 504th PIR, 82nd Airborne

Hail Mary – 504th PIR, 82nd Airborne in Flames of War


By Mitch

Throughout the past 18 months I’ve spent a lot of time researching the Market Garden campaign.  I’ve been mainly focused on the British airborne as that was the 1st flames of war army I used. However, I’ve also become inspired by the actions of the 82nd Airborne and in particular the 504th PIR who completed the daring river crossing led by Major Julian Cook.

Drawing on this inspiration I’ve started painted an 82nd Airborne list that I plan to use for several Late War tournaments at the beginning of next year, being Clash of the Titans, Sabre and the inter-club challenge.  I’m planning to stick with the same 1750 pt list throughtout as I like continuity with a list.  The list I’m using has the option to auto attack so I’m planning to be quite aggressive with it and try to spend more time out of the fox holes then in them.

So without further ado, here is the list:



Apart from the compulsory OiC and 2iC, I’ve loaded up on Bazookas to combat attach out to my para platoons to increase their anti tank capabilities.

Warrior higher command team – Major Julian Cook

I had to include Major Julian Cook, the daring commander of the river assault. Major Cook brings a lot to the list. He allows the force to auto attack and if they take this option the parachute rifle platoons and airborne engineer platoons can make a spearhead move. He allows your artillery to ignore smoke when trying to range in. He gives the platoon his attached to 2+ motivation. He allows your infantry to ignore the sitting ducks rule when crossing a river, however I don’t expect this to come into play often.

Parachute Rifle Platoons

These guys will be the spearhead in attack and the rock in defence. They have a good mix of firepower with rifle/mg teams, 60mm mortars and bazookas. They have great anti-tank capabilities with gammon bombs, bazookas and panzerfausts (the 82nd airborne captured a truck full of panzerfausts at Nijmegen). The panzerfausts will stick around awhile as well as the platoon has mission tactics.


Parachute Mortar Platoon

This platoon has a simple purpose and that is to lay down a precision smoke template.  When I’m attacking with this list, I plan to be putting down a lot of smoke templates every turn and the mortars will be vital to that plan.

Divisional Recon Platoon

Since I’m planning to attack with this list, I really wanted some fast recon to deny ambushes and remove gone to ground.  Not to mention these guys are armed with .50 cals, so they have the ability to put down some great firepower should the opportunity arise. I can also dismount this platoon before the game.  This is probably something I’ll do when defending against medium tank companies.

Airborne Engineer Platoon

I always like to have a 3rd infantry platoon, whenever, I do a trackless infantry list and I really like the flexibility of this platoon.  It starts with 4 rifle teams, 3 bazooka’s and 2 LMG teams, with the option to swap the LMG teams for rifle teams at the start of the game.  These gives the platoon a lot of great firepower with some versatility should I be facing infantry or armour.  Also they are pioneers, so provides me with some options if I’m ever attacking fortifications.

Airborne Anti-tank platoon

I wanted to have some anti tank guns to help me when I am defending, particularly against medium tank companies, which is where these guns will shine.  Placed on an objective, the ROF3 will make any tank platoon think twice about assaulting.  They could also be used well in an ambush, with the capability to fire 12 shots when revealed.  The downside to this platoon is that they have no HE, however, I think they ranged AT capability they provide to the list more than makes up for it.120914_0948_photos4.jpg

Parachute Field Artillery Battery

I love pack howitzers, a great tool for smoking and pinning, they are cheap, they are light guns (meaning they can be concealed when dug in in open ground).  These guys will be vital to cover the advance when I attack.

Glider Field Artillery Battery

I’ve included this platoon to give me some medium artillery to help dig out infantry and also provide a ranged threat to armour.  Being confident trained, means I get them quite cheaply, which really helps when you have a fearless veteran list.  The special rule from Julian Cook about ignoring smoke when ranging in will provide great synergy with this platoon, which I hope will really help me on the attack.

Airborne Anti-aircraft Artillery Platoon

I’ve been burned by air support to many times to not include AA, I view it as an essential tool required for the list.

So there you have it.  I think this list is going to be a blast to play and I can’t wait to get my 1st game in with it.  Here is a sample of some of the models I’ve painted so far, I’m hoping to get a lot painted over the Christmas holiday period.


Thanks for reading.



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