Australian Early War Grand Tournment 2014 – Results

Australian Early War Grand Tournment 2014 – Results

2014-Tournament-LogoThe stage was set on the 6th & 7th of December 2014 at Hall of Hero’s Campbelltown for the Australian Flames of War two day Early War Grand Tournament 2014. With the late addition of the much anticipated Barbarossa book into the tournament, lists were frantically prepared for the 1550 point limit. Much talk was about the impact Barbarossa would have on Early War, so I have included the top three lists and the top generals list.


Day One

Round One – No Retreat (Defensive Battle – p279)

Round Two – Break Through (Mobile Battle – p286)

Round Three – Encounter (Fair Battle – p277)

With over thirty players and many players traveling from Canberra the day started early with a good mix of armies with the majority being Soviet, German and Finnish. The tables provided players with a range of challenges on great looking boards.



Day Two

Round Four – Fighting Withdrawal (Defensive Battle – p283)

Round Five – Dust Up (Fair Fight – p278)

The day two highlight was seeing a storm complete with hail, drive the warmachine players inside and the armies on parade, check out some of these photos.



1 Clint Richards Italian Compagnia Carri
2 Paul Collins Soviet Red Banner Strelkovy
3 Ben Wynn Soviet Red Banner Strelkovy
4 Adam Langsam Soviet Guards Strelkovy
5 Andreas Cooper German Leichte Panzerkompanie
6 Scott Norwood German Leichte Panzerkompanie
7 John McGarry German Schutzen Kompanie
8 Craig Jones Finnish Jaakarikommpania
9 Alan Traves Finnish Jaakarikommpania
10 Patrick Williamson French Foreign Legion
11 David Rea Australian Divisional Cavalry
12 Luke Frankcombe Soviet Light Tankovy
13 Stuart Stoker British Guards Rifles
14 Sven de Braekeleir Dutch Infanterie Company
15 Geoff Crick German Czech Panzerkompanie
16 Larry Wood Polish Piechoty Battalion
17 Keith Williamson German Leichte Panzerkompanie
18 Scott Cooper German Infanteriekompanie
19 Hayden Potter Japanese Rifle Company
20 Christian Snell German Leichte Pionierkompanie
21 John Crispin German Leichte Panzerkompanie
22 Damian Robinson Soviet Lend Lease Tankovy
23 Bryan Sallans French Foreign Legion
24 Phillip Hardy Soviet Red Army Strelkovy
25 Gary Punch Finnish Jalkavakikommpania
26 Troy Vandine French Escadron de Combat
27 Iain Russell Finnish Mannerheim Line Strongpoint
28 Ken Snell Australian Divisional Cavalry
29 Jessica Chatham Finnish Jalkavakikommpania
30 Matthew Wheeler Australian Tobruk Strongpoint
31 Daniel Heming British Infantry Tank Company
32 Mitchell Perkins British Guards Rifle Company



1st Place list

2nd Place list

Strelkovy Batalon (Red Banner)-1[1]_Page_1

3rd Place list

Strelkovy Batalon (Red Banner)-2[1]_Page_1


Best generals list

Strelkovy Batalon (Guards)-1[1]_Page_1



Next Competition

CanCon 2015


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