Summer Break – It’s a Wrap!

Well that was fast! Christmas and New Years Eve have been and gone, and its back to grinding, twerking or whatever the kids say these days (certainly not back to work!). Over my Summer break I met up with Sean & Scott for a couple of games at The Games Cube – both were very different! Sean & I played a a late December tribute, to the famous final offensive, the Battle of the Bulge. Scott wanted practice with his future 1750 Late War army, and I was more than happy to be road-kill for him (hardly a speed bump either…).

Below are a couple of pics – no AAR’s I’m afraid as I didn’t take enough photos!

Onto game one – both lists from Devil’s Charge – a great book with some competitive, fun and very interesting units. Sean was sporting his neat 150th Panzer Brigade with disguised Panthers, Skorzeny commandos and the ME262. I brought the US 2nd Infantry Division with captured 15cm arty, Jacksons, Calliopes and Chaffees (with the bare minimum of bazookas in the entire list!).


Aerial Reconnaissance of the Ardennes

We rolled up No Retreat and with Sean being Always Attacks it was up for me to defend, picking the forested end of the board.


I defended the forest-ed edge of the village, somewhere around Bastogne


“Can’t understand why Jerry left these behind!”


Panthers in Disguise – not quite mutton dressed as lamb…


15cm Artillery direct firing on Panthers. Tasty


Brave platoon commander goes for the win


ME262 targeting my harmless Calliopes


US Recon photograph of… German Recon


262 swoops in

Strangely for a game between Sean & I, both forces lost their respective COs and 2ICs. Surprisingly too, Sean snatched defeat from the jaws of certain victory – with the Chaffee brewing up the second Panther (the third failed platoon morale) and the combined efforts of the Calliopes and infantry HMGs nailing the Pak40s, ultimately forcing a company morale check which couldn’t be taken. (Both of us were perilously close… although I was apparently.


It’s beginning to look a lot like… post Christmas Gaming!

Game two was against Scott and conveniently we both brought lists from Bridge at Remagen, Scott taking 3rd Cav (Chaffees) and myself bringing SS Westfalen. I brought four trap teams, Pak40 arty, a full Ostwind platoon, 4 Panthers, two Panzer IVs and one Panzer III. Scott packed in two priest batteries, recce, Chaffees and Vet. Hellcats.


Chaffees on the hunt


Panther Sitrep – having survived the Hellcat ambush (and failing to hit them in return) I pass the stormtrooper skill check and move backwards, keeping our frontal armour toward both Harmless Hellcat and Challenged Chaffee…


…which Scott rudely ignores.


Smokin’ those PaKs



Revenge! (Sort of) The SS Panzers take shelter behind the ruined Hellcat


Desperate times…. Ostwinds become my best AT weapons


Predictably it doesn’t end well.


Chaffees ward off any potential contestants to their objective

While the Panzerfaust trap teams held up an advance for the entire game (bailing reluctant tanks is hilarious) and my Panthers survived a head on dual with Scott’s Hellcats… it was a bit of a massacre. I failed to kill a single platoon, getting close-ish. Sort of. What really made a difference was the Hellcats’ veteran rating. Despite effectively fluffing their ambush, I couldn’t hit back with three Panzers and four Panthers. The return combined battery, time on target barrage (Scott failed to hit all the Panthers in the first round, what a shame he could re-roll misses!) decimated my poor Panthers, and the rest of the army slowly followed.


Scott’s remount bailed tanks test. Reluctant eh?

A quick summer of gaming done, now it’s onto tournament season! With both eyes now firmly on Canberra…



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