Extreme Makeover: British 25 Pounder Medium Artillery Battery Upgrade – Step by Step – Part 2 of 2

Extreme Makeover: British 25 Pounder Medium Artillery Battery Upgrade –

Step by Step

By David Geddes

From Maitland Wargame Group

Fellow Aussie David Geddes has kindly given Panzer Angriff permission to post his amazing painting guide from the Flames of War Facebook group




Now….to start on the figures.

VMC 886 Green Grey for the shoes…..if I go over the black shoes in grey….they don’t look like they’ve just been fitted at a shoe store.

VMC 921 British Uniform now for the pants and all figures.

Again….I’m trying to leave the cracks and crevices black and just paint the raised surfaces.

The whole stand done.

The whole platoon done.

I tried several different upper coats, including a 50-50 dry brush of VMC 921 British Uniform and VMC 951 White ….but I found VMC914 Green Ochre just pops right out at you as the upper coat for the trousers….and that’s what I’m using. Sometimes just a bit of trial and error pays off.

VMC914 Green Ochre just on the upper surfaces so you get that 3 tone look.

A stand done.

The whole battery done. It’s almost as if I’m trying to create a cartoon image of a figure.

It has to be the brightest and cartoonish it can be in order to stand out as much as possible.

The figures are so small that they just won’t stand out unless you approach it in this way. That’s my view any way

As the Artillery was not on the front line I imagine that uniform discipline was not as strong as the front line units.

The vast majority of figures in this platoon have removed their jackets and are wearing shirts, which I will paint mostly in this colour.

A few I will paint a bit lighter VMC 821 German Cam. Beige WWII and then a 50-50 dry brush on the highlights VMC 076 Buff to bring them out.

One of the shirts I even did in just VMC 951 White………the whole platoon “shirted up”.

Historical photos of webbing for the Brits was anything from Green through to Tan….so I am going with VMC 924 Russian Uniform WWII as it will stand out from the shirts and pants.

Like here. Again…..leave a black line between anything you paint and the next painted area

Radio’s and the little chord thingy’s that are attached to the revolver on the officer

done in VMC 850 Medium Olive….as shown.


Now it gets a bit tricky….these colours VMC 948 Golden Yellow, VMC 947 Red, VMC 951 White are for the 15th Scottish symbol on each shoulder patch as well as the rank stripes.

The only soldiers needing the patches are the ones wearing jackets….as here….I start off with a black circle and semi-circle above. Then add the VMC 948 Golden Yellow

dot to each shoulder.


Followed by a tiny VMC 947 Red dot in the centre of the yellow dot and a red line above.

These 2 get the same treatment. A few of the platoon I have given stripes on their jackets or shirts

VMC 875 Beige Brown for the rifles and this long thingy…..


VMC 863 Gunmetal Grey for rifle barrels and bayonets………as well as the revolver. Just use the very tip of the brush as you do tiny area’s.

VMC 076 Buff for the Rifle Slings…..probably not completely historical…..but looks quite okay.

VMC 991 Dark Sea Grey for the ends of the ‘push in the barrel’ thingy’s

Another look on Google for 25 Pndr ammo shows me this……

VMC 948 Golden Yellow is used it to change the projectiles in the boxes and those being held by the figures. I thin black line in the middle as well…..(far 2 small for 2 black lines.)

And then the tops of the projectiles were painted with VMC 850 Medium Olive to look like this.

Now finally for skin tone VMC 815 Basic Skintone .

It seems like it’s taken a long, long time to get to this point. As I said, I like to work to a system….but this platoon is all over the place………

When I paint the skin……I just do the arm….and leave a space for the hand.

The back of the hand gets a dab

The fingers then each get a light stroke. Paint has to be quite thick.

You want to leave a strong dab of colour that stays where you paint it and leaves space for the place crevasses between each stroke.

The underside of the palm gets another dab. The fingers also get another small stroke each.

One figure done.

For the faces I start with the Nose VMC 815 Basic Skintone…..just a dab. Then a dab directly underneath for the chin.

Then a dab either side of the nose for the cheeks

Then another dab at the back of the helmet for the neck and/or ear/skull area.

Same for the other side.

Almost done.


The whole stand done.

Just for interest…you’ll note that there are 2 exact same figures on this base….but this technique produces 2 different faces….they never look quite the same……

VMC 886 Green Grey for the stiff upper lip moustache on the boss…….Pip Pip……….

VMC 924 Russian Uniform WWII and VMC 961 Sky Blue for the binoculars.

VMC 924 Russian Uniform WWII for the helmets………again….leaving a line around the brim for the sake of depth.

Everyone’s helmeted up.

These colours for the hair
of the observer VMC 983 Flat Earth and headphones VMC 924 Russian Uniform WWII.

Some of the guys are wearing netting on their helmets….this is very difficult to simulate……but I will try. I start by doing a black circle around the helmets to try and give them some depth.

Then I use VMC 976 Buff to make small thin lines for the net going over each helmet but not over the black.

I’m not quite sure if it works….but it’s better than just leaving them green…..

VMC 947 Red for the officers caps………a red band around the middle.

Then VMC 921 English Uniform on the brim and the top.

Then a VMC 951 White dot in the centre of the Red for the insignia.



Now a quick coat of shiny varnish….and then flat varnish….and the Battery is almost done…..

I have downloaded a number of maps from Google Images….then shrunk them down using Publisher………I print them out….then cut them down……and then…………………


Put them on the staff table. You can have a staff team without a map can you?


Now Flock…

and Glue…….

for Grass…..

As well as these…..

Pulled apart………..

And these….

cut up…….

Stuck on……Finally Finished……

A long job as there are lots of elements to this platoon. Thanks for reading….I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for your painting……we are all a product of our peers after all…………… I could have also put Radio antenna’s onto the OP base…and carrier…..

I’ve shied away from that sort of thing lately as they don’t pack very well.

After a week or so of sitting in a case they end up bent and crappy…..so I will leave them as they are……

Close ups now……….






Thanks for reading.

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