CanCon 2015: TO’s report

Another Cancon done…

By Ken Snell

Another long weekend for Australia Day has come and gone, and so has another Cancon!


The festivities began on Friday, when 40 players attended the Australian War Memorial Technology Annex in Mitchell. Judging by the comments this was a great tour, and will remain a feature of the long weekend gaming experience at Cancon for our FoW players.

For Flames of War, there was something for everyone: The Early War tournament attracted 31 players, and Mid War saw 23 intrepid combatants battling from the Baltic to the deserts of North Africa. For the marathoners, Night Flames saw the first inclusion at Cancon of Arab-Israeli War with nine warriors facing off across the Sinai Peninsula. We also got a hit of Late War in Night Flames with 17 players battling for bragging rights (was pretty spectacular watching Brumbar’s doing donuts!)


The Early War and Mid War tournaments consisted of eight games over three days – 2.5 hours in duration each. Missions were randomly rolled with two missions subject to dusk and dawn battles.

Despite Canberra turning the pavilion into a sauna, players got on with the business at hand; and judging by smiles and grimaces all round – it looked like Flames of War was the winner.


I would like to thank our generous sponsors – collectively the prize pool was just over $2,000 for all FoW tournaments at CanCon:

Major Sponsor

The Games Capital –– who doubled the prize pool from registrations.

Aetherworks – our trophy sponsor.


Battlefront Miniatures
– for providing 2014 Tournament objective markers and copies of Barbarossa.

Ultimate Table Top Terrain – prize for best table won by Rob Tulloch.

Jolt Games – soon to be the third game store in Canberra, who provided oversized stress dice for round counters (was probably a very good choice of something other than tanks for our players to squeeze!)


Results from the weekend’s main tournament (overall awards included scoring in painting, sportsmanship and battle; general awards based on battle only):

Early War

Best Overall General – Paul Collins also awarded a wild card entry to the Australian Masters tournament (Strelkovy Batalon, Red Banner)

Second Overall General – Andreas Cooper (Leichte Panzerkompanie)

Third Overall General – Larry Wood (Batalion Piechoty)

Best General – Patrick Williamson (Compagnie de Fusiliers – Voltigeures, Reserve)

Second Best General – Andrew Girle (MG-Kompanie)

Third Best General – Daryl Gibson (Escadron de Reconnaissance)

Most Impressive Dice – Norm Blunden (for scoring nil hits in assault; including a warrior that hits on 2+)

TO’s Awards: Tom McGoram and Richard Taylor

Encouragement Awards: David Kendall, Al Griffin and Scott Cooper.

Wooden Spoon: John Crispin

Mid War

Best Overall General – Lachlan Tulloch (US Rifle Company)

Second Overall General – Andrew Oates (British 8th Army Rifle Company)

Third Overall General – Matthew McCarthy (Companie Vanatori Motorizata)

Best General – Stuart Stoker (British 8th Army Rifle Company)

Second Best General – Keith Williamson (Grenadierkompanie)

Equal Third Best General – Walter Spivak (Tankovy Batalon) and John McGarry (Gvardeyskiy Strelkovy Batalon)

Most Impressive Dice – Marty Carrick (not sure how to describe his efforts; except impressive! Consistently!!)

TO’s Awards: Josh Skeates and Paul Julius.

Encouragement Awards: Brian Morrison, Greg McPherson and Marshall Mountford.

Wooden Spoon: Dan Lawrence

Other Awards

Best History – Phil le Hunt awarded a copy of the ‘The Lost Diggers’

Best Army Overall – Bob Pearce (1942 Schwere Panzerkompanie – Winter themed with an equally impressive display board) awarded a limited edition Gallipoli Medallion and Vial of Sand collected from Gallipoli

Best Army Early War – Daryl Gibson (Escadron de Reconnaissance)

Best Army Mid War – Dan Lawrence (British 8th Army Rifle Company)

Need a New Tank Award – Bryan Morrison (following an unfortunate encounter with some Tigers!)

Best Table – Rob Tulloch (Libyan theme; 3D hand crafted with scratch built buildings, railway and vegetation – very impressive)

Best Sport Early War – Phillip Hardy

Second Sport Early War – Craig Jones

Third Sport Early War – Dennis Lorenz

Best Sport Mid War – Dan Lawrence

Second Sport Mid War – Rob Tulloch

Third Sport Mid War – Josh Skeates

We look forward to again welcoming players back to Canberra for WinterCon in July; and CanCon again in January 2016.

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  1. Rob’s table gets better every time I see it. He’s done a fantastic job on it.

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