Soviet Tank Killer Company box set

By Ben

Here is one of my painting jobs. Three boxes of Su 85M’s!

SU85M These are going to be painted up in straight green, green and tan and blizzard snow cam. Of course I will be doing it with spray cans, blu tac and a brush.



imageThe miniatures are crisp and the lines sharp. They go together without difficulty. There is effectively five models of SU you can put together from these sprue. imageThat’s great value.



However, this unfortunately leaves a lot of excess. But some of these extra bits are very useful.




imageI gave them a good bath in warm soapy water with a clean water rinse after as I feel the plastic doesn’t take the paint as well as the resin.




imageHowever, I encountered no issues putting them together or with painting them.

My only comment I’ll make is the finished tank is very, very light. So I suggest super glueing in fishing weights or something to get them a little more tangibility.


imageSo I undercoat in white and then in green. Then for the green and brown I used Blu tac and the U.S. tan spray from plastic soldier for the cam swatches.




For the blizzard cam I leave them white. Then brush on cold water all over. Then using a big worn out brush (one that you use to use for dry brushing but now looks like a broomstick) I dab on the russian green. Do this all over. Dry the miniature then do it again for a more solid effect level. Dry the miniature then dab on off white.

imageYou should have something that looks like marble.





imageAs usual I use three tones of brown over the tracks with a sand dry brush for a highlight. I had to use plenty of water to get the paint between the mud guards and the tracks. Splash some very watery dark brown over the lower parts of the hull to give a wading line if you like.



imageI highlighted the green with the early war soviet green and mixed sand in with tan to get the pop out of the cam tanks. With the blizzard ones I dry brushed lightly over the big angles to bring out the tanks shape from the busy cam.


I was very happy with the build and paint of the SU-85M.


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