Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 12 – Podcast

Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 12 – Podcast


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In this episode we join Ben, Dave and Scotty for the long overdue CanCon 2015 wrap-up, what’s on your painting table and an interview with Vanessa from the Combat Company

And in Part 2 the boys get stuck into Nachtjäger talking tactics and lists suggestions. Finishing up with an interview with Gavin from Queensland store Irresistible Force.





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One thought on “Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 12 – Podcast

  1. Folks – many thanks for kind comments regarding Cancon. Already in planning for next year!

    I would like to advise we also have a third LGS now open in Canberra – Jolt Games located in Mitchell . I’m sure Luis would be keen to have a chat about his plans for FoW in the Capital.

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