CanCon 2015 Player Survey Results

By Ken Snell

Card-CGS-logo-full-colour-2000At Cancon in January, you were asked to complete a survey with a view to taking the results and improving the experience. We had a response rate of ~68%, which is pretty good for any survey. Thank you all to those who submitted a survey and sent me additional comments. Was much appreciated.

A summary of the surveys, complete results can be found on Page 2.

Of the changes to be made for Cancon 2016, these will be acted on immediately:

1. Separation of soft scoring from battle scoring. We will retain awards for sporstsmanship, table terrain, histories and armies; but these will not impact upon the generalship.

2. We will adopt a card system for managing the tournament conduct. Having tried the software options over last couple of years, we experienced a number of problems that resulted in skewed results and inappropriate match ups.

3. Will look at missions and time of day effects in more detail.

4. Need to devise a better means of reaching players on social media (perhaps Facebook in addition to the Forum) as many players reported they don’t have a forum logon. There is a perception reported in the comments of the survey that the forum is a negative place to engage in communication.

5. Some comments around table layout that was generally seen as favouring defenders. My aim for 2016 is to form a ‘tiger team’ of senior players (not more than 3-4) to inspect tables on Friday evening and make adjustments where required to ensure a consistent approach. Where a table is themed a certain way in terms of layout (i.e. to replicate a specific battleground) aim is to maintain that integrity. Will need to discuss this further before arriving at final position on this.

There will be changes to way registration is administered for 2016 by Canberra Games Society – will keep you all up to date as situation unfolds.

Should you have any other comments, please send in.

Page 2

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