CanCon 2015 Player Survey Results

Flames of War –Survey Results (CanCon)

The survey comprised both qualitative (written comments) and quantitative (sliding scale where ‘1’ was not satisfied, and ‘5’ was extremely satisfied.

General Satisfaction


The player pack contained all the relevant information I needed to participate in the Tournament.


The information contained on the Battlefront Forum was useful and accurate.


The FoW tournament organisers were flexible and ran the tournament according to my expectations.


The online registration system administered by the Canberra Games Society.


The AWM Technology Annex Tour.


General Comments

  • Overall players considered the tournament well run with many planning a return for a similar concept.
  • A number of players reported nil access to forum as is considered to be a negative means of social engagement.
  • Soft scoring should be removed; but prizes for history, army and sportsmanship are considered appropriate to address all aspects of the hobby.
  • Hall was not adequately ventilated or air conditioned for duration. Heat played havoc on Day 1, cooled off for remainder of tournament.
Playing Environment
I was satisfied with the missions played (including any time of day effects).


The venue was appropriate, comfortable and well planned.


The draw was appropriate (Draw was managed by Battlefront Software Pack)


Terrain was appropriately balanced and challenging, not unduly benefiting any specific army type.


Social media was used effectively to pass information.


General Comments

  • While terrain was generally well received; some tables were considered inappropriately laid out for tournament conditions.
  • Time of day should not be played under tournament conditions.
  • Tables generally favoured defenders.
  • Issues experienced with Battlefront software resulted in match-ups that were inappropriate resulting in unbalanced results.
  • Player’s experienced cramped conditions that detracted – need additional space (more tables) for placing own kit.
  • Need more time in schedule to allow time for shopping between rounds.
  • Missions should be announced prior to the tournament. Some players noted that they considered Surrounded, Encounter and Cauldron to be inappropriate for this tournament.
  • Attendance at Cancon is a large investment. Cancon organisers should attempt to influence food prices.
Future Tournament Ideas
Maintain current tournament structure.


Plan an adaptive tournament where all three era’s are played (e.g. Day 1 EW, Day 2 MW, Day 3 LW)


Firestorm or campaign themed event.


Tournaments that include AIW, Vietnam and/or Great War.



  • Majority of respondents indicated that concept for FoW at CanCon should remain unchanged.
  • Consider planning a pair’s event (1000 points per player).


A number of questions asked respondents to comment on motivation to play, playing frequency, a national ranking system, influences on travel and army selection.

General comments were:

  • Respondents are evenly spread between all era’s.
  • Majority play on a regular (monthly) basis, with some players only attracted to major events such as Cancon.
  • Some players indicated they didn’t play their army of choice due to inability to obtain models, reporting orders placed 4-5 months prior were not filled.
  • Majority agree that results from major tournaments should be reported to support a national ranking system. Some players were not well informed on this issue and seek more information.
  • Slow play should be better addressed with action taken to ensure a result in every game.
  • Should maintain current concept to ensure ease of logistics for players (e.g. not carrying large quantities of kit).
  • Maintain awards for history and army, but separate from battle results.
  • Major events offer access to a large selection of retailers.
  • Sponsor support was generous and much appreciated.
  • Respondents travel for annual catch up with friends, and status of Cancon as a large tournament.

Finally, players were asked for one thing they would change at Cancon:

  • Their own dice!
  • Venue conditions (more space between tables).
  • Cost of food, drinks.
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