Lists We Play: LRDG

Lists We Play: LRDG

By Ken Snell

Attached is my history piece I put together for the EW GT in 2013. I played a LRDG mechanised company (not very successfully), but it was great fun.

The most interesting game was with Adam Langsam in which the LRDG faced an armoured train for the first time…

For this piece I grabbed a couple of books and found a set of patrol orders that I changed to suit FoW – you will note that key pieces of FoW information is weaved into the orders throughout.

The names of the personnel are real – B Squadron (with Commando and SAS troops) departed Siwa Oasis on a 2,000km odyssey to attack El Agheila airstrip – and then had their wounded evacuated from Landing Strip 125.




LRDG 00 N. 1

Ref Maps 1/150,000 Sheets 7/F1, 7/F2

1/125,000 Sheet No. 40/16 NW


To: T/Maj. J.R. EASONSMITH, B Squadron LRDG



1.    Enemy

a.    Mobile def in area of ops. Enemy rear area likely to contain roving patrols of Compagnia Autosahariana (Mechanised Italian Reconnaissance) consisting of AS37 Trucks with possible Mitraglieri (infantry) and Air support. Contact with elms of German 90 Afrika Division or 15 Panzer Division on N approaches possible, but not considered likely.

b.    Mobile res in area of ops. Platoon Arditi Camionettisti in area around enemy concentrations generally consisting of AS42 da 20/65 trucks armed with AA and direct fire weapons. These units constantly mobile with possible Air Support.

c.    State of alertness. Given recent offensive actions conducted by SAS and Commando elms, en is expected to be at high state of alert.

2.    Own Tps

a.    8 British Army operating N of Qattara Depression and not expected W of Tobruk.

b.    Free French formations operating to S and W of patrol route may offer limited support.


3.    Ground

See available maps, air phs and patrol reports.




4.    Your primary task is to launch a raid at EL AGHEILA airfield on, or before, 12 Nov 41. If no en encountered proceed to launch secondary raid on airfield at MERSA BREGA.

Other tasks are to report en movement and screen S flank of 8 British Army operating to your N.

For this mission you will convey SAS and Commando’s to a suitable launching point.


Other likely missions along patrol route as allocated:

a.    Assault en vic JALO OASIS and penetrate positions. You may be required to defend in position with no retreat permitted to screen friendly units.

b.    Conduct hasty attack on en airfield vic EL AGHEILA. Primary targets are 35 Stormo Bombardamento and 66 Gruppo Osservazione Aerea.

c.    Destroy opposition off route of march in any encounter with en forces.

d.    Delay enemy movement by fighting withdrawal in vic LANDING GROUND 125 if necessary.

e.    Proceed to LRDG BASE KUFRA. Be prepared for free-for-all contact with en attempting to follow up at any time.


5.    Composition of force

a.    Comd T/Maj J.R. EASONSMITH, B Squadron LRDG

b.    LRDG Patrol T1 (Capt N.P. WILDER)

c.    LRDG Patrol G1 (Capt J.A.L. TIMPSON)

d.    Two Platoons, No 4 Commando (u/C Capt Jock Lewes)

e.    Platoon, L Detachment, Special Air Service Brigade (Capt D. Stirling)

f.    LRDG Heavy Section

g.    LRDG Transport Section

h.    MG Platoon (minus), Regiment de Tirailleurs Senegalais du Tchad

i.    Priority Interdiction Patrols


6.    Patrol plan


b.    Proceed indirectly W to JALO OASIS (crossing GREAT SAND SEA) to identify enemy along S flank.

c.    Approach EL AGHEILA from SSE to launch airfield raid.

d.    Proceed to LRDG BASE KUFRA via LANDING GROUND 125 (alternate route via JALO OASIS) passing E of KALANSHO SAND SEA.


7.    Gen Outline

a.    You are to cause maximum amount of damage and disturbance to the enemy.

b.    All missions are to be executed by night.

c.    The allocated missions will depend largely on surprise, speed and dash for success.

d.    Provided you approach by stealth, you should have little difficulty in overcoming the known opposition.

e.    Your difficulties will arise in holding off an enemy counterattack in force, with Tank or Air Support, in which event you should withdraw in good order.

f.    You cannot depend upon additional support.

8.    Possible enemy counter-attack

a.    Attacks may take the form of a Battle gp consisting of coy inf in lorries, up to 8 tanks and one or two guns mounted on lorries, or it may be a lorried inf coy alone.

b.    The most likely line of approach for this force is along one of the roads through your area of operations, but a cross-country route cannot be ignored.


9.    Patrolling

a.    You will harass and delay en at every opportunity by offensive patrols covering rd approaches as you transit. Patrols will remain mobile and offensive.

b.    Up to one third of your effective force may be used in this role. The remaining two thirds will be used for static def and immediate counter-attack.


10.    Emp of Supporting Troops

a.    You will give to your Commandos and SAS the following tasks only, in order of priority:

Destruction of enemy aircraft

Seizing key terrain

Establishing firm base as needed


11.    Relief

Once your patrol commences you will be self-sufficient until RV with replenishment at LANDING GROUND 125.


12.    Intercomn

a.    Radio silence in effect on departure from LRDG BASE SIWA OASIS.

b.    You are to report per intercomn schedule

13.    MISC

Half Patrol Truck Loads

a.    Truck 1 – Half Patrol HQ (Capt).

b.    Trucks 2 – 3 two .50″ AAMG

c.    Trucks 4 – 5 two Boyes Atk Rifle

d.    Truck 6 – 37mm Bofors Portee

Half Patrols to lift Commando’s and SAS as necessary.



Lt Col.

Comd Offr LRDG


By Ken Snell

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