How to make a gaming mat for Flames of War

How to make a gaming mat for Flames of War

By Ry


You will need

  • Painters drop ( I recommend one with a plastic backing)
  • Calking Gun Silicone tube ( I used 7 for a 6′ x 4′ mat)
  • Ruler
  • Old paint brush
  • Tape measure
  • Marker
  • Plastic scrappers
  • Paint

Step 1

Mark out the mat size, in this case 6′ x 4′

Cut the painters drop into the required size allowing at least 5cm extra.





032115_0259_Howtomakeag3.jpgStep 2

 You may need help from your partner for this part 😉

On a medium heat iron out any creases in the painters drop.





032115_0259_Howtomakeag4.jpgStep 3

Remove the cap of the silicon and using the silicone gun, place beads of silicon on the painters drop.






Step 4

Spread a thin layer of silicone over the painters drop







Step 5

Using pegs to hold down the painters drop, completely cover the mat

Let it dry for 24 hours






Step 6

Time to mark out the roads, using buildings as a guide.







Step 7

To add more detail, I add silicone to the road areas and texture it with a old paintbrush.






Step 8

Looking good







Step 9

For the other areas spread a thin layer of silicone







Step 10

Using an old sponge, texture the non-road areas.







Step 11

It’s very had to get a good photo of the texture area.







Step 12

Let the mat dry for 24 hours







Step 13

Time to get the paint out







Step 14

Being that this is going to be a snow mat, I’m not bothering in completely covering the mat in brown paint.






Step 15

Brown done







Step 16

Time for some green







Step 17

Green done







Step 18

Time for the roads, I would have liked a darker brown.







Step 20

Let it dry







Step 21

Lightly dust with white spray paint







Step 22

Let it dry







Step 23

Trim to excess







Step 24

Now for the best part







Step 25

What a space saver







Step 26

Time to find some dice

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