TANKS! German Jag Panther.

tanksHere it is! The game about tanks, that comes with three tanks.

Last weekend I put one of the TANKS! from the starter together. To my delight there was enough bits on the Panther frame to build a Jag Panther!

We’ll put up a bigger post about the game bits and how it plays soon. But in the mean time, here is how it all turned out.

I cut up a White metal T-34/76 track and supa glued it down inside the hull to give it a bit of weight.

I was very surprised, after undercoating and base coating the JP, that the plastic colour is identical to the spray colour.

Yes, I’m very happy with the result. I’ll be putting that Jag Panther to work in my FOW lists. I really wasn’t expecting to do so, but GF9 cut no corners with the TANKS!, tanks.

I highly recommend the Panther. So, on to the Sherman’s.

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One thought on “TANKS! German Jag Panther.

  1. Will be interested to hear what folks think. I saw a game in progress in my LGS – not from our regular gaming group – both players had teams of mixed Axis and Allied AFV’s on the table. Turned me off somewhat.

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