More Version 4 news

Version four news direct from Peter from Battlefront.

These points are taken from his interview on the latest WWPD podcast. Enjoy!

MW pacific card sets- will allow you to play V4 pacific armies in V4. No plans for new books at this time.

Late March early April release for V4.

Free V4 rule books for everyone.

Rule book will be downloadable as a PDF from BF web.

V4 release will see next ‘open fire’ style box and rules. This will be accompanied by two army deal boxes.

V4 Rules will be approximately 110 pages.

V4 rules will come with a v3 to V4 EW and LW conversion chart.

Forces of war will come with a button to change your existing v3 lists into a V4 version.

In V4 artillery will re-roll misses when dropping a repeat bombardment.

The AT of artillery will drop by one. The Firepower of artillery will go up by one.

First V4 army book will be El Alamein. This book will contain rules for basic British and DAK forces.

The new openfire will be tanks only. Focused on Pzkfw III, Crusader and Grant tanks.

No infantry plastic casting yet. But new guns, like the 25 pounder and 88.

Army building will be far less restrictive in what you can take to the table. The focus being what you want to use, rather than what was available on the day for the historical battle. BF writers will give other kinds of guilds to players about what was historically accurate to the time.

Lists will include options for allied platoons.

V4 will be a 100 point army building system. Rather than the 1500 pointish V3.

Tanks and guns will test for platoon moral every turn once the platoon falls below two units. Infantry will test in the same way once they drop to three stands.

V4 will have an online FAQ and a lessons from the front.

V4 aircraft will run like TY. Wings will contain two aircraft. Once lost aircraft will not return. Air comes in on 4+ not 5+.

Multiple companies will be more possible in V4.

BF will offer a tanks style OP kits for V4 release.

V4 will have six missions. Plus four more in a later book. Three will be new missions.

Peter reaffirmed that BF is a total tabletop wargaming company.

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