Ghan Bush! – Getting ready for Africa

Our club has never had a desert table. We had to build terrain for the best campaign coverage. So we can set two snow tables and ten European summer ones.

So now V4 is desert, it’s time to expand again!

Here is how to make an effective set of hills and terrain mats.

Start with a cream coloured painters drop sheet. Apply a cream/tanned coloured silicon infused water based paint. We used Dulux ‘Cream’. Apply with a roller. If you want a more detailed look add a squirt of dark brown and tan to the roller. Roll this on first then roll the cream on afterwards.

This kind of paint is normally used to render the outside of houses. It gives a great looking sandy feel to the mat.

Now for some sandy hills.

Start with a polystyrene hot wire cutter to make the shapes you want. We went with big rock shapes rather than sand dunes. Lay them out over a Masonite board and mark out the shapes. Cut these shapes out with a Jigsaw and glue them to the corresponding polystyrene hill. This gives your hill weight and strength. Use heavy bricks to hold them down while they glue. Time to paint them in the same paint you used for the mat. Once they are dry you will be surprised how strong they are for their weight.

The finished product looks great with the GF9 palm trees and desert buildings. (BB133 & BB197)

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