Africa Korps lists for you to try

We have been busy learning things about our new Flames of War. Here are a few 100 point lists that have proven worth a go.

Two formations toughens your chances of holding on to your army. It also gives your army two motivation re-rolls. However, there are advantages to a single formation with a big tail full of support. Especially when your formation is off table leaving your support to fight the early game.

Panzer 3 tank formation:

HQ: 2 x panzer 3 short

Combat platoon: 1 x 4 panzer 3 short

Combat platoon: 1 x 4 panzer 3 short

Combat platoon: 1 x 3 panzer 2

(The panzer 3’s total 40 points so they are your reserve if you have to have one. This means that until they arrive, your formation cannot be destroyed. Leaving your opponent only objectives as a way to win. It is now the job of your support to hold your objective if you have one and begin whittling down your opponent’s combat platoons.)

Support: Marder tank hunters with 4 guns

Lorraine Shleppers with four guns

Africa Rifle Platoon, with all the options

2x 5cm tank-hunter platoon with two guns per platoon.

(Don’t forget that the mortar in the infantry platoon is an artillery unit. There fore it gets a ranged in marker. Two bombardments a turn to reduce your opponent’s anti tank guns in your opponent’s objective defence. Leaving you ready for your Panzers to roll in and mop up the now hapless infantry. Even if he doesn’t fire his guns you still only need a 3 to range in. Don’t loose your focus, repeat your bombardments until the guns are gone.

Remember your fourth Lorraine is a free observer team, roll it away somewhere at tacticle where it can see your target. If you lose a gun it can join the bombardment, it doesn’t need to be in command to fire.

Dont forget to ‘blitz’ your marders on to a hill, shoot them at full rof, then ‘shoot and scoot’ them off again.)

Ok, so what about something from the card pack?

A two formation army:

formation one: Armoured car company

HQ: 1x sdkfz 221

combat platoon: sdkfz 221 & 222

combat platoon: sdkfz 221 & 222

combat platoon: 2x sdkfz 231

combat platoon: Africa Rifle Platoon, with all the options

Combat platoon: 5cm Tank hunter platoon with three guns

formation 2: Panzer III company

HQ: 2x pz III short

combat platoon: pz III short x2 and 1x Up armoured pz III

Combat platoon: pz III short x3

support: marders x4 schleppers x4

(lots of mobile gear in this one. Lots of potential for overloading on one of your opponent’s objectives.)


I hear you, all the cool kids have one of these…

The tiger is a nasty flank attack in missions like breakthrough. Especially if you give it your HQ platoon in support. It works mathematically too.

Panzer III formation.

HQ 2x Panzer III short with the 1ic having the ‘cut them down’ card attached.

Combat platoon: 3x Panzer III short

Combat platoon: 3x Panzer III short

Support: Marders x4, schleppers x4, 8-Radd x2 & 1x Tiger 1e.

(So the tiger and the hq go into reserve. This is exactly 40 points. Keep the 1ic and the tiger tank together.

The 1ic keeps the tiger safe from infantry assault by re-rolling his defensive fire using ‘cut them down’. He also keeps the tiger going if it becomes bailed, by re-rolling the tigers re-mount roll if it fails. If the 1ic becomes bailed or destroyed he jumps into the tiger tank. Now you have a tiger that no longer needs to check for ‘good spirits’ as the hq never tests.)


Things to remember when you build your own list. As a general rule if points permit, we recommend:

Always taking a scout unit in your formations so you can spearhead when given the chance. Always take Marders and schleppers as they are very cheap for what they can achieve with fair-ish rolling. Don’t move a unit until you have worked out what movement order to give it. Blitz, then shoot n scoot as much as you can.

Happy hunting!

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