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Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 10

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Diesel ‘N Dust goes red!

This month’s podcast the lads have only one thing on their minds……. Barbarossa.

In this episode Ben, David, Scotty and Lachlan talk what’s on their painting table, discuss Barbarossa lists and spoil the new EW & MW Otto Carius warrior in 38t.

And in Act 2, We get furious about the new tank movie ‘Fury’, laugh and cry about the new tournament points and announce the one day EW at SABRE 2015.

Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 9

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In this episode Ben, David, Scotty and Ry talk what’s on their painting table, share highlights of the MOAB event and generally struggle to stay on topic.

And in Act 2, Ben talks about the best parts he found in his look at the new Barbarossa book, Australian masters is announced and we preview upcoming events.




Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 8

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In Act I, we talk to the Austrian Australian Flames of War team members (Scotty and Dave) about playing Flames of War at the European Team Championships (ETC) in Serbia.


In Act II, we talk about the Australian tournament scene and Early LW vs Late LW (Caution – Act II may contain Ben ranting about Russians)


The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum



Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 7

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In this episode Ben, David, Scotty and Ry talk all things Flames of War. In Part 1 what’s on your painting table, Remagen lists and naval gunfire. Part 2 Dave and Scotty talk about the European Team Championship (ETC) Part 3 Panzer Angriff launch the Australian FOW rankings.


Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 6

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In this episode we join Ben and Dave on the road to the Australian Mid War GT and talk Mid War Meta. Ben and Scotty interview Paul and Andrew from aetherworks, the new Australian and New Zealand supplier, and talk about the plans for Flames of War in Australia. Finally we finish off with Ken talking about running Can Con, the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) FOW scene and upcoming campaigns


Diesel ‘N Dust Episode 5

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After a busy weekend of gaming the boys are joined by Scotty and Dr. John, to recap events SABRE and CanCon, share thoughts on the Italian books and talk about FOW – European Team Championships.

FOW – European Team Championships Fourm


Diesel N’ Dust Episode 4

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Part1 – The Boys hit the road and talk about the highlights of 2013, Desperate Measures and speculate on the upcoming releases.
Part 2 – Ben interviews Phil Yates on what to expect in this year including the Italian books and ‘flames in the sky’
Part 3 – Ben talks to resident master painter ‘the other Dave’ offering tips and techniques on how to improve your models


Diesel N’ Dust Episode 3

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The boys get back on air with a buffet of Flames of War chatter. Battle reports, Sydney toy and games festival ranger report, an interview with Matt from the Hall of Heroes (BF stockist), an interview with FoW play testers! What hasn’t this episode got?!


Diesel N’ Dust Episode 2

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Ben speaks out about his secret passion, a real Australian monster.
Everyone goes bridge to bridge in 1750, our favourite LW tank and why, Sabre 3 battle report & Bombardments, who can call em’, how to combine for them, who can join them, special rules associated with them zzzZzzZzz!


Diesel N Dust Episode 1

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WWPD is proud to announce a brand new Podcast on the network!  Diesel N Dust will chronicle Flames of War Action from Down Under!

The lads from Angriff road trip it to the nation’s capital to participate in ‘The Worlds’. David test drives the new Battlefront bulldozer, Lachlan talks Market garden lists, and we all fire a few more rounds with the six and seventeen pounders.


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