RUSSIA CIRCA 1942 – Summer

This table was set at the FOW MW GT at Hall of Heroes in 2012.

Table Purpose

When I set a table my first purpose is always an aesthetically pleasing table, second is it representative of that part of Europe I am trying to game and third it is playable.

With the four quarters effectively mirroring one another, the choice of table side is not important, as all missions will face the same issues. The table is not open or totally cluttered, and allows the defender good terrain to defend from and for the attacker, a concealed approach, in most circumstances.

I would anticipate fairly quick games on this table as it encourages players to get their armies close.

Terrain Theory

This follows a cross layout, as you can see the road is framed by the terrain features either being area terrain or buildings.

The line of sight on the table has been limited, which encourages less shooting and more manoeuvres. If you are a player who breaks the table down by area, then having the four quarters makes that process a bit easier. They are not perfectly even quarters.

With building and woods blocking line of sight, and cornfields or fence enclosures providing concealment, at least on the ½ point of most of the table.

The close order of the table will encourage infantry forces to manoeuvre, thou carefully and will give tanks players reason to think on their manoeuvres.

A defender will not receive too great a benefit from the table, as once the attacker is pass half way his manoeuvre opens up, whereas the defender will be slightly restricted in any movements to counter against a concentrated attack.

The roads can become a hotly contested area, if the players choose to use them.

Table Mechanics

Dirt Roads are a soft flexible resin sourced from Fernvale Scenic in Queensland, a link to his website is now on our links page. They have been based coated, dry brushed and flocked as well as having a few rocks added here and their, to give them a dirt road look. The release agents used by Fernvale mean that these pieces need to be well washed with detergent prior to painting.

Buildings & Fenced Surrounds are a hard resin, and were sourced from Total Battle Miniatures in the UK, from their 15mm range. Again a link to their website is now on our links page. Nicely crafted, you can buy them well painted or paint yourself, and they seem pretty durable so far.

Cornfield are your typical unadorned door mat (acquired from local hardware), cut suitably. Should have some green flock applied to the sides to enhance their appearance, a task for another day.

Forests Bases are either from Masonite, single Ply or MDF, then suitably flocked. Most have been recessed to provide a point for location of trees, but this step is not entirely necessary.

Trees are those typically acquired from railway hobby suppliers, whereas the bases for the pine trees were custom moulded. You can get something similar from Fernvale.

Marsh and Small rises, were commercially acquired about 25 years ago and as such I don’t remember the name of the manufacturer.

Battlemat is your standard grass mat from citadel, having been sprayed with a can of Battlefront German LW Armour and Army Painter Desert Yellow, to give a browned off look to the grass.

Table gallery.

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