Good avice about playing flames of war

A word on air power.

Air is back in V3. If you don’t have it, or haven’t tried it since its v2 nurfing, put some in your next list and give it a go. Remember you dont have to range in on targets in the open so air is more like a ‘flying tank’ than an artillery piece. With the new “slow going” terrain rules forcing tanks into the open it’s time to go tiger hunting! Also remember you can now hide your aircraft behind terrain when making that attack run, as your opponent must be able to see your aircraft to shoot at it with AA.

Planes to lookout for:

For Axis you can’t go past HS-129. It hits anything you can put under the template on a 2+ say no more.

For the allied forces rockets are the way to go, hitting & destroying on a 3+ FP with AT 6 delivered to your opponent by Typhoons or Shturmoviks, “rockets are go”. This the same AT you get from cruiser fire.

Dont forget that air never goes away, even after you run through your pool you still get 1 dice each turn.


A word on ‘Spades’.

Assaulting infantry with big tank platoons is now a thing of the past. (We’ll talk about this a bit later.) So how do you get veteran panzer pioneers off that objective without a massive Strelkovy company to assault with?

You need a spade!

Heavy breakthrough guns are just the tool tankers need because your poor opponents infantry doesn’t get to roll to save when hit by them. So who has heavy breakthrough guns, and what are the best ones to use?

My choice for Grenadier forces is the humble stuH42. With a frontal armour of 8 at long range you can drive at your objective without to much trouble from medium allied tanks and AT guns.

For the Soviet forces it’s hard to go past a SU-122 on cost alone, but add in the volley fire rule and you have the right tool for the job.

For the US the 105 Sherman is a handy supporter to your infantry assault just don’t go getting it in a firefight with real tanks.


A word on anti-tank guns

V3’s big surprise was the new anti-tank Gun saves, let them go to ground and they save as infantry (3+). Combine this with tanks failing assaults when two tanks bail or are destroyed and you have an infantry company with teeth. You can spend your whole game now trying dig AT guns out with MBT. So hold fire till you see the spades roll up! Even the older AT guns still get joy on side armour during a foolhardy tank assault.
On the attack? AT guns with 3+ FP and ROF 3 are a good spade substitute. Gun shields are a must in this roll, as your gonna get hit a lot.
So AT gun of choice?
For the poms 6 pounders. No cat hunters at range but all the makings of a side armour harpoon with AT 10. This gun ticks the box with ROF 3 and a gun shield.
For the Soviets the Zis 2 does all of the above with better AT and re-rolling failed to hit rolls and moving at 15cm.
For the axis the humble PAK 40 still performs against allied armour at range, while the yank 57mm still says stay away.

A word on tanks
Now that V3 has cut the bolts of the mass tank assault, how do you use tanks?
Tanks are no longer the swiss army knife they us to be. You must now choose a tank to do a particular job.
MBT: (main battle tank) This tanks job is area domination.
It’s job is to find an open piece of ground to take ownership of. This tank is as good against infantry as it is against tanks. If your opponent comes through the area your MBT are protecting he is going to get a bloody nose. If your opponent can’t or wount use this area for fear of your MBT then thier doing thier job. (If your opponent isn’t moving then he’s not reacting to your assault, massing for his own assault, moving into your artillery position or intercepting your infantry moving in the open.)
For area domination you need a tank that has an awsome front armour, the biggest AT, rate of fire and Fp rating you can get. This tank must have two machine guns or more, all this without losing too much in speed. This type of tank is a luxury item, it’s going to take up a lot of your force so think about your assault/objective taking units first.
Good MBT: For the Axis, Panthers (especially wiking Kannonen) are the best in this roll. Try to move these beasts only during your stormtooper move. Lowering their ROF reduces their effectiveness.
For the British: best use vet chromwells with a challenger or Sherman Firefly. Vererancy is armour of its own. Find some terrain to hide them behind and let them go to ground (your opponent needs 7 to hit). When your opponent brings his force within 40cm of you, move those babies out for side shots. Leave your challenger or fly in place for direct fire AT13. Now your opponent must choose, retreat, shoot at the tanks in his flanks or try and dispose of the big threat that’s harder to hit in front of it.

The U.S has 76mm Shermans, use above tactics. Leave them hidden, when you shoot, shoot first. Include a jumbo if you can to laugh of the first hit to the platoon.

The soviets are harder to use as your ten tank T-34/85 company is harder to hide. But come out to play when it’s best for you and saturate your enemy with too many targets and too many armour saves. You will take heavy losses but that’s why you have ten tanks right?

Assault tank:
Is assaulting objectives guarded by infantry with anti-tank weapons still possible?
Only under these conditions- your assault tank must have side armour 8, to give it a chance to survive bazooka style weapon hits during defensive fire, top armour 2 to ignor hits from non anti tank infantry and dirty tricks. Two machine guns, high moral and veterancy helps as well.
So, on the list of helpful dirty trick are ‘rear turret machine gun’ your opponent has to re roll hits on your tanks during the assault. ‘Wide tracks’ if your going into bogging terrain your gonna have to roll bogging checks every round of the assault. If you are forced to retreat don’t leave any tanks behind. Wide tracks helps you in these events. ‘panzer Kannonen’ gives you skill check re-rolls. If you are going to risk tanks in an assault why not re-roll your failed skill checks during your assault to maximize your hits? I don’t recommend PzIv in assault but ‘schurzen’ gives you a 4+ save against bazooka style weapons during defensive fire, and if your attacking with a Kannon you get skill check re-rolls.

Pin your enemy down before launching your assault. Not with AA mg though. Dig out AT guns mixed into the enemy infantry with spades before you go in. If your not rolling into cover drop smoke to decrease your chance of being hit. Plan to lose. If you do get thrown back you’ll want high ROF AA guns or infantry near to stop enemy infantry comming out after your tanks.
Remember this is a game of objective taking. Get on to em’ get your opponent’s infantry away and keep them away. Make your whole force about attacking or defending objectives. You will need to assault, or servive an assault on an objective to win the game.
Best assault tanks:
KV-1, best assault tank in the game on cost. You only need a FP 3+ weapon to kill dug in infantry or guns AT isn’t a factor, so the KV-1 ticks all the boxes. If you want a ‘jack of all trades’ tank that ticks all the ‘assault tank’ boxes go higher into the IS85 or IS-2. For the axis the ‘jack of all trades’ Tiger tank is the best you got.
For the British the ponderous Churchill does ok. Just don’t expect them to react, Put them right in front of the objective your going for.
For the U.S if your going to try to take an objective with tanks, include the maximum number of jumbo’s in the assault as possible. Otherwise assault with infantry!

Recommended force lists.

The Following are force lists that placed in major tournaments

Please feel free to use these lists, modify them, ask questions about why they were sucessful ect.

2012 Day Of Decision Place getters lists:

LW 1750 Soviet Med Assault Gun

LW 1750 British Infantry

LW 1750 US rifle

3 thoughts on “Voran

  1. Nice one Ben.

    That 2+ FP on the HBG’s makes it a nice option for ambush too, if you’re going to be able to hit on side armour. But mostly ideal for digging out infantry particularly if you can combine with recce to lift gone to ground.

    I quite like the SU-122 for its bangs for buck but getting them to objectives can be a bit of a challenge, so accompanying them with recce and real tank support can be the key.

  2. Great insight Ben thanks for the tips.
    I have one question on aircraft, if you take the Hs 129B, you can’t use it as a B one turn and the use it as a B3 the next turn, or can you?

  3. At Sabre or any other big tournament you have to write what aircraft you will use down. Panzer IV G and a Stug G are the same points, but if you wrote panzer IV on your list, that’s what you’ve got.
    At a regular club meet just ask you opponent before your club game begins if he minds you inter changing your support. I’d be ok with it.

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