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  1. Is that a 15mm scale house or the real deal !!! Have fun either way and look forward to catching up. We are painting the clubs 15mm houses on the 25/2/12, as well as some other terrain projects.

    • Hi Dave,
      What’s the latest I can register for Sabre, family problem at my Dad’s end means I my be available for Sabre, but leaving tomorrow on a cruise and will only find out whats happening when I return on the 1st.
      Would like to play if all works out, another easy win for everyone else. Lol

  2. Possum, lists are due by 4/3/11 so that would be the latest you could register and be certain of a spot. Send in your list, if you turn up on the day you can pay then, but need to get your list in before 4/3/11

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