Inter-Club Challenge

The Inter Club Challenge 2017 will held on the 7th of May 8:30 am to 6pm at The Hall of Heroes in Campbelltown. First game at 9am, with all teams assembled by 8:45am.

First Game 9:00 to 11:30

Lunch is at 11:30 to 12:00

Second Game 12:00 to 2:30

Last Game     2:45 to 5:15pm

Presentations 5:15 to 6pm

The interclub challenge tournament is for Forces of War lists constructed for Version 4 from late war, totalling 1625 points.
Registration details: To register your team for the ICC you must have a minimum of four players attend (you may have any number of reserves but we would prefer you brought six), you must register your team and nominate a team captain. The team can be any group of FOW players, their is no formality as to what a team is.

The team captain is responsible for checking team lists and organising the team and acts as a “joint TO” on the day to resolve rules questions for the non-opposing clubs team members, for that round (that is not the team they are opposing, if possible or their own team). The team roster which nominates the order that your team plays in, best player is player 1, etc. The team captain needs to send team details by the 25th April 2017 to

Your application should state your gaming clubs name, the names of the players attending, what suburb/store/group or purpose you are representing and a club logo. If you do not have a club logo please state what you would like your logo to be, and we’ll help put together one with you.

How the tournament works:

Tables are set by the host club – This year by the Hall of Heroes. Each of your team members plays 3 games in one day. These games will be against members of the other clubs, games are for 2 1/2hrs with 15 mins between games. The team captains randomly determine the mission from the missions list in the back of the rule book, however no duplications.

At the end of the three rounds your clubs best six players results are tallied and compared to the best six player tallies from the other clubs. The club with the highest result is awarded the Inter-Club Shield. The Trophy is held & displayed at Mega Games Penrith.

All players vote on the best and fairest player from another club they played against. This player will then be awarded The George Cecile Green perpetual trophy. The Trophy is held & displayed at Mega Games Penrith.

After the day, all players are invited to attend dinner and drinks, location is close to the venue.

How much is admission to the ICC? Each team member buys a flames of war blister pack from the host store and gives it to the host organiser. This forms a prize pool which will is awarded to the winning team on the day, who may divide the spoils of war as they see fit.

2016 – Winners – The Capitals – ACT

2015 – Winners – The Western Warriors – Parramatta

2014 – Winners – The Western Warriors – Blacktown NSW

2013 – Winners – The Western Warriors – Blacktown NSW

2012 – Winners – The Western Warriors – Blacktown NSW

2011 – Winners – The Western Warriors – Blacktown NSW

Congratulations Lachlan from the Hall of Heros, the first winner of the GCG.



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  1. Team Canberra had a great time and we look forward to returning next year to defend our win in the ICC!

    Thanks for joining us Canberrans, Ben. You’re most welcome any time!

    Ken Snell

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