How to Speed Paint the New Honey Stuart from Battlefront

By Ry

I’m back and I have managed to get my hands on one of the new Plastic Honey tanks from Battlefront. With all the new version 4 kits on the way and a pile of Team Yankee that stands higher than me. It’s time to look at quick ways to get the new releases on the table as quick as possible. Not to mention that they are just 5 points for a troop of 3 tanks and to fill a full squadron you’re going to need 3 boxes for 27 points (did I type that… oops)

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Tiger 1E. All plastic BF gold!

Here is a little something you saw at Cancon. Now see how nicely it paints up.

They will come two to a box. They go together like a dream and there is tonnes of space inside the model to glue in your weights.

In the desert meta, this thing is unstoppable.

Hope you like it.

Ghan Bush! – Getting ready for Africa

Our club has never had a desert table. We had to build terrain for the best campaign coverage. So we can set two snow tables and ten European summer ones.

So now V4 is desert, it’s time to expand again!

Here is how to make an effective set of hills and terrain mats.

Start with a cream coloured painters drop sheet. Apply a cream/tanned coloured silicon infused water based paint. We used Dulux ‘Cream’. Apply with a roller. If you want a more detailed look add a squirt of dark brown and tan to the roller. Roll this on first then roll the cream on afterwards.

This kind of paint is normally used to render the outside of houses. It gives a great looking sandy feel to the mat.

Now for some sandy hills.

Start with a polystyrene hot wire cutter to make the shapes you want. We went with big rock shapes rather than sand dunes. Lay them out over a Masonite board and mark out the shapes. Cut these shapes out with a Jigsaw and glue them to the corresponding polystyrene hill. This gives your hill weight and strength. Use heavy bricks to hold them down while they glue. Time to paint them in the same paint you used for the mat. Once they are dry you will be surprised how strong they are for their weight.

The finished product looks great with the GF9 palm trees and desert buildings. (BB133 & BB197)

A Very Tiger Christmas

You got some tigers already right? We all do. But now you have to make up an excuse why you need to buy the new ‘Tigers March’ box from BF as your next Xmas present.

So here are two lists that will use a good number of these beasties to help you justify your purchase.


More Tigers, less Stormtrooper?

More Version 4 news

Version four news direct from Peter from Battlefront.

These points are taken from his interview on the latest WWPD podcast. Enjoy!

MW pacific card sets- will allow you to play V4 pacific armies in V4. No plans for new books at this time.

Late March early April release for V4.

Free V4 rule books for everyone.

Rule book will be downloadable as a PDF from BF web.

V4 release will see next ‘open fire’ style box and rules. This will be accompanied by two army deal boxes.

V4 Rules will be approximately 110 pages.

V4 rules will come with a v3 to V4 EW and LW conversion chart.

Forces of war will come with a button to change your existing v3 lists into a V4 version.

In V4 artillery will re-roll misses when dropping a repeat bombardment.

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Diesel N Dust – Episode 27

Diesel N Dust – Episode 27

We interview the next generation of Flames of War players and report on the EWGT.

We are now on Itunes on the following

Itunes link

Don’t worry Android/PC users you can get the podcast from libsyn here.

Android/PC link

There is also a RSS feed available here.

RSS Feed

New plastics and Tanks from Flames Con

Fresh from NZ here is a quick look into the future. The Tiger should be with us by December. The MW stuff by March.

Cool stuff from Moab

Here is just a taste of the great event. Best ever Moab!

Big thanks to Battlefront, Aetherworks and HOH for an amazing prize support for FOW and TY.


Weird but fun camo

This picture is from 1941.


…so here is my version for fow. Hope you like it.

Tanks at the Hall of Heroes


Come on down to the Hall of Heroes Penrith High St. Sunday 9th of October 10am. Come find out why Tanks is better than X-Wing! Free give away stuff to be had on the day. If you don’t have any tanks gear we have tonnes of stuff you can use!

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