SABRE is the Panzer Angriff Club’s open Late War single player tournament held at our clubhouse at the award winning Mega Games High St Penrith NSW.

SABRE 2016’s winner: Scott Norwood.

SABRE 2015’s winner: Scott Norwood.

SABRE 2014’s winner: John.15


Results 2014

SABRE 2013’s winner: Paul.

SABRE 2013 Winner - Paul

SABRE 2013 Winner – Paul

Results are for the Top 15

Sabre 2013 Results






Congratulation to the winners.

Thanks to our generous sponsors and to the lads of Panzer Angriff for their tireless work, and those on the day David Rea, Ben Wynn, Andrew Cornish (for trophies) Dave Sutton (bye player) and Ken Cooke (match up assistance) and Mark all round good guy and great assistance.

All results will be emailed to players over next week, and thanks for those attending.

Check the flames of war website.

(Top 15 only)
1 Sean Ireland. Viking Grenadiers/Lgt Assault Gun
2 Paul Collins. Pioneers
3 Dave Sutton. Schwere (Tiger)/Guards Hvy Tank (IS-85)
3 Martin Williams. Hungarian Infantry
5 Geoff Crick. Grenadiers
6 Ben Wynn. Strelkovy
6 Neale Murrels. Hvy Assault Company (ISU)
6 Paul Rattray. Tankovy (T34/85)
9 Adam Langsam. Romanian Cavalry
9 Guy Kabos. Hvy Assault Company (ISU)
9 Phil Chappel. Guards Hvy Tank (IS-85)
9 Rob Hollows. Tankovy (76mm)
13 Andrew Cornish. Hungarian Tank
13 Dean Morris. Gepanzerte
15 Ken Cooke Sturm kompany
15 Tony Mcarthur. Forward Detachment


Award winners:

Sean Ireland – Best General (Gold Tiger Trophy, Sabre Plaque, T34/85 Box Set)

Paul Collins – Adjutant (Silver Panther Trophy, Third Edition book bundle)

Andy Cornish – Best Player Set Table ( Pak40 Box)

Henry Kolodynski – Best Sport (3 Blisters)

David Ramsbottom – Most Bloodied (Stuarts Box)

Guy Kabos – Best Themed (Red Bear book)

Paul Collins – Early Registrant (Pak40 Box)



10 thoughts on “SABRE

  1. Sure you want to stick with 2nd ed for this? We have had 3rd for over a week and there is still just over a month to go. Might turn people off a bit to switch back after several games of V3.


  2. Hmm not so sure that v3 has been widely adopted yet, the BF sponsored LW Grand Tournament in Mebourne is running V2, its on the week before Sabre, so if its good enough for battlefront its good enough for Sabre I think.

    • fair enough but you are missing out on the opportunity to be one of the worlds first V3 tournaments.

      It was kinda nice to get something first here in Oz for a change (a small, petty part of me enjoyed reading all the forum posts from the UK and US complaining about not having the book yet when we got ours before Feb had even started!).

      If I can make it I will turn up whatever edition and I suspect most others feel the same.


  3. Hi Sabre Gamers,

    Can I ask that you bring at least two copies of your list to the tournament, so that your opponent has a list to read/peruse prior to deployment.


  4. Well thanks all for coming along and playing was a fun event, and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I.

    While its still fresh in everyones mind, post your thoughts good or bad.

    For next year, what do we think of Barbarossa (EW) or a different Theatre of War !!!

    • i think that the sabre tournament was very well organzied in every shape & form possible, i had a really good time in a very comfortable freindly enviornment, i also really enjoyed the chico babies on hand & rowan’s great coffee making, i look forward to the next sabre tournament, thanks for a great weekend everybody

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