Australian War Memorial Annex tour

By Mitch

As part of the Cancon Flames of War experience, Ken Snell organised a tour of the Australian War Memorial Annex.  The tour was a fantastic experience is easily my favourite part of Cancon this year.

The Annex had a lot of interesting vehicles, guns and equipment.  We got to see a portion of their collection as the collection spans over several storage facilities.

The great thing about the tour is getting to see a lot of the models you’ve painted in real life.  Throughout the tour, I was blown away by the size of some things.

The big highlight for me was seeing two Centurion tanks from the Vietnam war and several of the anti-tanks guns that I use in several of my lists, a Pak 40 and 6 pounder.  Also after seeing an Aussie M113 FSV “The Beast” I’ve become inspired to grow my Vietnam collection.

Thanks once again to Ken Snell for organising the tour.  Now onto the photos:

Pak 38

Pak 38

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Photo Dump: Australian War Memorial Annex


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Here are some shots I took at the AWM annex in Camberra when we went to CanCon. Some good colour references, but mostly it was just good to see these objects up close.

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