Summer Break – It’s a Wrap!

Well that was fast! Christmas and New Years Eve have been and gone, and its back to grinding, twerking or whatever the kids say these days (certainly not back to work!). Over my Summer break I met up with Sean & Scott for a couple of games at The Games Cube – both were very different! Sean & I played a a late December tribute, to the famous final offensive, the Battle of the Bulge. Scott wanted practice with his future 1750 Late War army, and I was more than happy to be road-kill for him (hardly a speed bump either…).

Below are a couple of pics – no AAR’s I’m afraid as I didn’t take enough photos!

Onto game one – both lists from Devil’s Charge – a great book with some competitive, fun and very interesting units. Sean was sporting his neat 150th Panzer Brigade with disguised Panthers, Skorzeny commandos and the ME262. I brought the US 2nd Infantry Division with captured 15cm arty, Jacksons, Calliopes and Chaffees (with the bare minimum of bazookas in the entire list!).


Aerial Reconnaissance of the Ardennes

We rolled up No Retreat and with Sean being Always Attacks it was up for me to defend, picking the forested end of the board.


I defended the forest-ed edge of the village, somewhere around Bastogne


“Can’t understand why Jerry left these behind!”

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Cube’d Moose – AAR Round 1 – 2nd Panzerkompanie vs Sicherungskompanie

So the Games Cube‘s 1250 Late War tournament was this weekend – and it was a great event. Disappointingly, only Mitch wore team ‘colours’ despite there being some five Northern Sydney Stormtroopers in action (for my excuse, I blame the designated washing person.. er.. who happens to be me too).

When the dust settled there was some great fun had – and even better, the Stormtroopers bagged 3rd (equal second), 4th, and equal 8th (twice!).

My own tournament started brightly and faded by day’s end. In the old days of GW events, if I won my first round this would be the end of the tournament for me. Sadly it looks like I’ve brought that ability across to WW2 gaming!

Game one – Dust Up – was against Ben of Penrith Panzer Angriff fame – Mitch also faced off against Ry from PPA in round one; was this a battle of the websites?

Ross 1

Ben’s Deployment – I’m hiding in the railway building to the left

I’ve seen Ben at tournaments enough to know he’s a top player (and a top bloke too) – I knew this would be a tough game. My list is discussed here. Ben, however, went unorthdox and packed both Sturmtigers and Brums, some RSO Pak40s, Panhards and… a bucket of reluctant trained infantry. I’ve never seen a Sturmtiger in action before, and certainly never seen them taken to tournaments. Despite it’s detractors, this thing is a beast – decentish armour, and AT 6 1+ FP on top armour. Yikes.

Ross 14

Did someone mention Sturmtigers?

Ben opted to keep his infantry guns, Panhards,  Brums and Sturmtigers in reserve, meaning three platoons of police, the Von General and the Pak40s would face up against my Volksgrens, nebs, recovery vehicle and command tanks, as I left both Panzer IV platoons in reserve – hoping they would show up and cause Ben some problems.

Onto the AAR!

Ross 3

German deployment – nebs (command in the hut) holding the rear objective – IVs taking cover from the Pak40s

Ross 4

While the Volksgrens cower in the railway building – 6 stands of infantry is all that Ben needs to get past to win the game

Ross 1

Ben moves out – three security platoons on the move, well supported by Von Saucken for re-roll motivation and the mobile AT Guns

The first couple of turns were quick – Ben surged forward and took advantage of the buildings to cover his advance. Needing a good roll with the Pak40 tractors, Ben turned towards my CO and…

Ross 5

In revenge, I called my ME 262 – who successfully pinned the northern security platoon. The nebs pinned another platoon, bagging a stand but Von Saucken kept them motivated and they pushed on. Realising Ben could have Bunker-busters on by his third turn, my infantry bailed out of the railway station and took some pot shots at the advancing infantry. Unfortunately for them, Ben ripped into the platoon – pinning them and popping two stands.

Von Saucken assaults, I miss with the Panzerfausts, he misses his attack and I fail to counter… I break off, holding the objective with millimeters. The only saving grace – no reserves for the police forces – maybe the SWAT teams got lost on their way…

My third turn and I do get reserves – a full unit of Panzer IVs driving toward the rear (and unguarded) objective.  Could my Volks grens hold on long enough for the Panzers to win the day?

Ross 6

Game changing (saving?) unit. Never been so glad to have these on the table!

Ross 16

Northern security platoons – despite the CO’s re-roll, neither platoon would unpin this game

Ross 12

Von General goes for the win… and suffers a Panzerfaust to the grill

Ross 9

Ben gets his first reserves… Assault Tanks and Recce!

Ross 7

Panhard side shots… they couldn’t, could they?

Ross 13

Sure can! (or maybe a Pak40 popped this Panzer IV)

Ross 8

Pak40s before my second reserves engage them…

Ross 15

Sturmtigers finally make an appearance

Ross 14

Have to show these again – awesome models with a great paint job. Ben’s army looked fantastic (and was my vote for best painted)

At this point – with a mere two (I’d lost another couple to Brum-fire) volks stands left – things were looking bad. I’ve not killed a single platoon of Ben’s – time to get serious. Both Panzer IV platoons were on, with the second moving up to relieve the beleaguered infantry. The other platoon secured the objective and collectively the eight Panzers cracked 3 of the pesky RSO Pak40s. They failed their motivation but a bailed and pinned Von General held their nerve.

Ben started his fifth turn with no chance of pushing me off the objective (and no chance of forcing company morale, which I’d auto fail); it was down to platoon kills. The Nebs became the target of the Panhards, with the commander zipping down to assault the platoon commander, crushing him under its wheels and then… bogging on the way out of the building – and thus not getting to the Nebs themselves, who were too far away to break off.

Ross 17

At least we’re holding an objective!

The Von Saucken led infantry then assaulted my remaining grenadiers – killing them and getting the precious platoon kill.

Phoah that was lucky – despite insanely good dice rolling by Ben, he was dead-set unlucky not to win that, and win it comfortably. The Panzer IV reserves won the day for me as the Volks grens bought the tankers enough time to secure the back field. A real close call.

This game was a nail bitter – even when the first IVs arrived from reserve I was already in big trouble – I could have saved myself earlier had I double timed them, but I didn’t fancy my chances with all of the Pak40s in action. Thanks Ben for a most enjoyable game – one of the funnest and intense I’ve played all year.

Panzers to the Moose! A 1250 Tournament Review

cartoon-moose-9The Games Cube’s 1250 Late War speed flames was on this weekend (details) and instead of bringing a super heavy tank list, which I assume others will take, I’ve gone for the German Sherman; taking the 2nd Panzerkompanie from Panzers to the Meuse!.

In pre-tournament testing, three things were clear – having at least two platoons on the table (three of the missions have delayed reserves) would be key to staying in the game. Mobility and avoiding getting hit would mitigate lighter armour and ensure I can contest objectives – let’s face it, only a Jagdtiger or King Tiger would avoid being annihilated when shot at by other heavies.

Mitch proved with his own testing that Veteran tanks (T34s and other Finnish tanks) were quite resilient; needing 4’s to hit them at close range, and almost impossible to hit if concealed or at long range. Moreover mobility to engage and contest objectives (and stay out of line of sight) would be game critical – no point in having a big gun if you can’t hit anything! Spearhead with the 2nd Panzerkompanie will assist with my mobility (if required).

With all this in mind…

2nd Pz

Panzer Goodness


With only ten 7.5cm KwK40 guns at hand (AT 11) – hitting the flanks of the big tanks or using my infantry to assault would be key to winning games – against Sean my tiny infantry platoon took out both the CO and 2IC King Tigers (Panzerfaust assaults hurt!).

Pre-tournament thoughts; I think I can do something with this list but most importantly, learn how to use lighter/medium armour tanks in Late War. Let’s see how it goes!

What I’m really worried about is heavy armour – bringing ‘medium’ tanks to an expected Latewar Big Catz event… this might get ugly!

Cube in Flames – 1250 Late War Photo Dump

Mitch and Ross went to the Games Cube to do Late War battle – photos of ours and the other games from a great day gaming.



Mitch’s defensive line








Mitch’s Finns in… Finland 


image Ry takes on Mitch in round 1

Cube 34

  Cube 22

CUbe 21

Cube 17

Cube 16

Cube 15

Cube 13

Cube 12

Cube 11

Cube 5

Cube 4

Cube 2

Cube 1

Mitch’s Army Showcase on his winter table

Mitch 5

Mitch 4

Mitch 3

Mitch 2

Mitch 1

Panssari Company – my 1st move into armoured warfare

Coming up in August, Scott Norwood is running a 1 day 1250 pt tournament with the recommendation that you take tank companies.  I’ve decided this would be a perfect opportunity to break away from normal types of lists, which are infantry and bust out some armour.

I’ve decided on running a Panssari company, it may not be the best tank list available, however it has a lot of character with a wide range of captured Russian tanks.


The list i’m planning to run is as follows > Panssarikomppania

Given this is a tank themed tournament, I’ve decided to focus on the heavier tanks available to the Finns, trying to fit in as many T-34/85s as possible, with some KV-1es and T-34/76s.  Each of these

tank platoons will need to fill a different role.  I’m still working out those specific roles, however, my initially thoughts are the KVs will hold down the middle will the T-34’s operate on the flanks.  I’ve also included some Pak 40’s with Warrior Korpraali Toivo Ilomaki, to provide me with a nice long ranged threat and hopefully allow me to control an area of the board.  I’ve also added the limited air support, as this is the best asset available to me when it comes to knocking out king tigers.

I think this is going to be a very fun list to play with, however, it will have it’s challenges.  I’m quite worried about facing an Ausbuildings list with all their big cats, as I won’t have much that can hurt them from the front, so flanking and air support will be key in that match up.

I have my 1st practice game lined up with them against Ross at the next Stormtroopers club meet, I will no doubt provide some feedback on how they went.

In the meantime, here are some progress pics of the painting, I’ve decided to do a whitewash to keep them in a consistent winter theme with my Jaakarikomppania. I’ll post final pics up when they’re completed.




Group shot

Group shot



More groups shots

More groups shots


Eagle eye view

Eagle eye view

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