How to Speed Paint the New Honey Stuart from Battlefront

By Ry

I’m back and I have managed to get my hands on one of the new Plastic Honey tanks from Battlefront. With all the new version 4 kits on the way and a pile of Team Yankee that stands higher than me. It’s time to look at quick ways to get the new releases on the table as quick as possible. Not to mention that they are just 5 points for a troop of 3 tanks and to fill a full squadron you’re going to need 3 boxes for 27 points (did I type that… oops)

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Lists We Play: LRDG

Lists We Play: LRDG

By Ken Snell

Attached is my history piece I put together for the EW GT in 2013. I played a LRDG mechanised company (not very successfully), but it was great fun.

The most interesting game was with Adam Langsam in which the LRDG faced an armoured train for the first time…

For this piece I grabbed a couple of books and found a set of patrol orders that I changed to suit FoW – you will note that key pieces of FoW information is weaved into the orders throughout.

The names of the personnel are real – B Squadron (with Commando and SAS troops) departed Siwa Oasis on a 2,000km odyssey to attack El Agheila airstrip – and then had their wounded evacuated from Landing Strip 125.


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CanCon 2015 Player Survey Results

By Ken Snell

Card-CGS-logo-full-colour-2000At Cancon in January, you were asked to complete a survey with a view to taking the results and improving the experience. We had a response rate of ~68%, which is pretty good for any survey. Thank you all to those who submitted a survey and sent me additional comments. Was much appreciated.

A summary of the surveys, complete results can be found on Page 2.

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Summer Break – It’s a Wrap!

Well that was fast! Christmas and New Years Eve have been and gone, and its back to grinding, twerking or whatever the kids say these days (certainly not back to work!). Over my Summer break I met up with Sean & Scott for a couple of games at The Games Cube – both were very different! Sean & I played a a late December tribute, to the famous final offensive, the Battle of the Bulge. Scott wanted practice with his future 1750 Late War army, and I was more than happy to be road-kill for him (hardly a speed bump either…).

Below are a couple of pics – no AAR’s I’m afraid as I didn’t take enough photos!

Onto game one – both lists from Devil’s Charge – a great book with some competitive, fun and very interesting units. Sean was sporting his neat 150th Panzer Brigade with disguised Panthers, Skorzeny commandos and the ME262. I brought the US 2nd Infantry Division with captured 15cm arty, Jacksons, Calliopes and Chaffees (with the bare minimum of bazookas in the entire list!).


Aerial Reconnaissance of the Ardennes

We rolled up No Retreat and with Sean being Always Attacks it was up for me to defend, picking the forested end of the board.


I defended the forest-ed edge of the village, somewhere around Bastogne


“Can’t understand why Jerry left these behind!”

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Forces of War!

Today marked the release of the highly anticipated Forces of War! from Battlefront. Forces of war is, essentially, a revamped easyarmy, with formal company logos/fonts/etc, but the same functionality (with a few improvements; more on that in a moment).

The first thing I noticed as the front page ‘quick filters’ – slightly different from easyarmy’s original filters – this takes you right to the lists available for that period (remembering of course, the original easyarmy required you to select a filter and then lock all filters for ease of use).

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.37.06 PM

Front page for ease of use – this is a great feature

Heading into the ‘company builder’, is a very familiar menu of filters – good to see the developers have kept the functionality and style of the quite user friendly easyarmy.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.38.12 PM

Just like the original, Forces of War allows you to select a source from which to build your company. Having just picked up Barbarossa, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check out the lists I could make…

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.53.14 PM

Lend Lease Tankovy – what better way to start our review?

As you can see, the format is relatively similar, with some tidying up of the general look of the builder.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.53.33 PM

Forces of War keeps the usual options ‘return to company (save)’, ‘calculate points’, ‘clear options’, etc.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.53.58 PM

335 points for One Conscript Tank! And German players complain about the price of tigers…

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.54.47 PM

The Custom Buttons remain in Forces of War, allowing you to name your Company, platoon, etc.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.55.38 PM
The ‘view’ function is practically identical also:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.55.50 PM

27 tanks for a cool 2,705 points…

And the Arsenal is kept as well:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.56.01 PM
One thing I have noticed about the Arsenal  is the Equipment and Notes section is formatted neatly (as is easyarmy), where as the same text is out of alignment in my copy of Barbarossa.

Unit profile is as per the old way too.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.56.41 PM

Nothing like a 10 tank platoon to get things going

The View Company button leads you to the standard output options, pdf-ing and printing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.56.12 PM


Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.57.23 PM

Unit listing

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.57.31 PM



Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.15.21 PM

Print format is simple to read, but spacing could be utilised better

One thing I will look into further before providing a final opinion, is the use of space on each ‘page’ – as the above screenshot shows, there is ample room for the arsenal details to be included on the front page. As it were, the arsenal for my two platoon company is on the third page – I hope this is an error on my part and not a function.

Also, with the introduction of coloured backgrounds, I hope everyone has their default printer settings on black and white! (Note: this can be turned off easily).

The saved screen is kept, allowing users to access previous lists.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.39.40 PM

Saved Companies – as per the old system

And so to is the Scenarios screen, I’m glad Battlefront kept this brilliant inclusion from the original company builder

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.38.38 PM

Help is readily available:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.25.02 PM

And the store section leads you to our favourite online-window-shopping webstore (where I am sure to spend countless hours in the future dreaming up units to play).

Buying lists is slight different in Forces of War.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.30.00 PM

Buy now, play later

Clicking on any unit from a locked book, or going straight to the big red Buy Now button will direct you here:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.30.21 PM

Paypal purchasing is retained – a quick, easy and secure method of payment.

Battlefront have made clear their position on pricing for Forces of War – there has been, of course, comment on the price for an entire briefing.

However, at US$1 a pop for an individual briefing, I think this is a bargain; 1 buck for per briefing is a great for both new and existing players. New players won’t get overwhelmed by the billionmillion lists, forces and combinations, and existing players can cherry-pick briefings that interest them, creating a unique library of companies, forces and briefings for the player.

And yes, there is different pricing for different briefings:

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.30.59 PM

Not all Intelligence Briefings were created equal…

But there is free stuff! Battlefront bundled in the very popular Panzers To The Meuse pdf (under the guise of Devil’s Charge)

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.42.53 PM

Which operates the same way as easyarmy’s pdf lists – a direct link to the relevant briefing for all of the rules and historic details

Final thoughts

Forces of War is a great addition to the gamers’ resource collection. One thing I noticed early on is the buttons are bigger – perfect for those with fat fingers who make army lists on their mobile while riding to work (like me).

The layout itself is clearer and defined, and usability is pretty much kept from easyarmy.

There are, however, some things missing. For me, its the ‘links’ section, and in particular the old “Find Companies containing a given Arsenal Item” – with a small collection of briefings up, there isn’t quite the need for this function – however, when all of company briefings become accessible, I do hope this feature is incorporated – many a time have I surveyed a battlefield at a tournament, only for my eyes to catch a glimpse of a beautiful model I’ve not seen previously – before madly searching through the arsenal items to find the list responsible.

There was an opportunity (and this will be an opportunity for future updates) to do something a little different, or bold, with Forces of War – I think it would be great for the army printout section to include the silhouette of each platoon (including the specific number of tanks, guns, infantry stands, etc) that could be printed out and used to track casualties (or in my case, track deployment!) throughout the game.

Much like easyarmy there is no quick way to select and delete multiple lists – this isn’t a problem for some, but I can imagine in the future there will be quite the collection of lists in gamers’ Saved Companies section.

All in all, Forces of War is a brilliantly presented, supported and designed product. I’m glad it’s out and I can’t wait to get list building in earnest…

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.55.37 PM

SS Panzerkompanie vs Tankovy

With a free Sunday up our sleeve(s), Manni & I met at The Games Cube for a late war battle. I was bringing a SS Panzerkompanie from Atlantik Wall, spearheaded by two HQ Panthers, a platoon of Panthers (with Ernst leading the platoon), Full Panzergrens with two fausts (led by Meyer), three SS Nebs and a pair of Pumas – don’t get much in 1750! As I don’t have any SS infantry painted… yet… Manni kindly lent me his American riflemen to ‘sub in’


Beginnings of our village

Manni brought Desperate Measures Soviets – 10 T34/85s, A platoon of 5 T34s with 5 T34/85s, Spetz with a faust and five SU 100s! (Whole company was CT).

We rolled Fighting Withdrawal with my SS dice actually winning the role off to attack. Manni picked his long side and we were off!


Thankfully the Games Cube has a stack of terrain, we’re using about a third of what was available


Good job on the set up, Manni!

Onto deployment:


Veteran Soviets? Nice little objective campers


’85s guarding Manni’s left


looks like a used car lot… Note the philosophical chap to the right


‘baby’ platoon holding the middle

With the SU100s in ambush, and only the Spetz on Manni’s right flank, I set the halftracked Grens after the Spetz, to be supported by the nebs (guarding Ernie’s workshop)


Half tracks good to go! Let’s see what this mounted assault is all about…


Puma’s on the road to screen the Panthers and prevent that nasty SU 100 ambush


CO Joins the ‘grens – and rolls Top Ace; I’ll take every shot counts thank you!


Reece move down the road – Sod Off SU100s!

Turn One:


CO Moves out to take a pot shot at the baby T34 platoon



Panthers fan out, Pumas leading the way

Nebs fail to range in on anything and Every Shot Counts misses completely. Manni starts his turn by popping the SU 100s, and not where I expected them – I had assumed these would gun for the Panthers, but Manni brings them on to bring pain on my grenadiers…


SU100 Ambush!


85s movin’ on through the woods


A couple throw tracks on their way in



Baby platoon moving out


SU100s light up the half tracks and I fail most of the saves – infantry down to half in one turn!

Turn Two:


Wary of the T34/85s moving through the woods to the right, the Panthers keep their flank protected and gun for the baby platoon


With no MGs, the Panzergrens decide to get stuck in – one kill, one bail first round…


Boom! That’s more like it! Manni keeps the assault going, and Kurt’s 2+ kept me in it. I can’t bag the platoon, but the SU100 threat is over (or so I thought)


Nothin’ like Commie Tanks Burnin’


T34/85s make it through the woods


While the baby platoon move out to crack side shots on the Panthers!


2IC & Barkmann with his platoon, woefully exposed. This is gonna hurt…


Spetz finish of Panzer Meyer. 1-0 on platoons for Manni!

Unbelievably, the baby T34s whiff all  of their shots – Manni managed five rolls of one in a shooting phase reminiscent of my old WFB days.

Turn Three:

Predictably, the Panthers (and the Pumas) return fire. This is my attempt at rolling firepower…


First attempt, ‘cocked’, second attempt, ‘wtf’, third attempt BOOM!


Special kind of rolling this…


Unlike Manni, my Panthers are on target, gutting the baby platoon


Ernst and his boys stormtrooper to bring their front armour up towards the 85s


Spurred on by the slaughter of the baby T34s, the 85s move out to swarm the Panthers


CO moves out to pop the 2IC!

Predictably, the CO misses the 2IC from point blank range (got to love Hen & Chicks and Veteran targets). The Panthers bounce the other T34/85 shots easily.

Turn Four:


Pumas move out, objective hunting


2IC shows the Soviet CO how its done



Pumas stormtrooper move to the objective, while Barkmann & Co retreat to prevent ’85 side shots


With the game in the balance, the T34/85s have everything to do at the start of Manni’s fourth turn


Manni poised for action


The T34/85s can’t get shots on the Pumas and the Panthers bounce whatever comes their way

Remember that sole surviving SU 100? My CO and the Soviet assault gun traded hits for a couple of turns, Manni missing me, and bouncing all of my shots. Until…


Brewed Up! The SU100 grabs its prize


Start of my fifth and the Pumas snatch victory 5-2 to the Germans!

This was probably just the second time either of us had won a game that wasn’t 4-3! Unusual for our games, I lost just the one Panther (still 20% of my armour, however), and aside from the beaten grenadiers, my platoons were all intact.

Still not 100% convinced the SU100 ambush was the most effective use of the cat-killers – killing three halftracks and four infantry stands and then to lose 80% of the platoon to said infantry, seems like a poor trade off.

While the recce did screen the Panthers, there were still plenty of buildings perfect for a ca-killer re-roll ambush – and I was in the open – bye-bye Barkmann & Co! The baby T-34 platoon could then leave the mid-field to support the Spetz, and I’d have been up the creek.

Enjoyable game, despite the heat. SS list was fun, but needs a second recce unit (and to be fair, it was only Manni’s rolling that kept the Panthers alive). Manni, as always, was an enjoyable opponent – onto our next battle!


It’s funny who you get to play in big tournaments. I’ve been to several events and have never played Ryan before (who was famous/infamous for running Otto’s Tiger 1e’s very successfully). Top bloke and I’m glad to finally get a game in with him. As it was, my round three draw was Dust Up and I’d be taking on Ryan’s new focus – Bridge by Bridge SS (KG Arnheim), looking something like this:

HQ with schrek
SS-Aufklärungs Platoon
85. Grenadiers with schrek
SS Heavy with 2 MG42s
2 Königstigers (for a whopping 690 points!)
3 StuH42s
2 SS PaK40’s
Sporadic FW 190F

Ouch – from the get-go I knew this list would be trouble for my light tanks. I started with the guns, infantry and one Chaffee platoon on the table, with me recon, TD’s and the other M24s coming on from reserve. Ryan left his StuHs, Aufklärungs and MG42s in reserve. Fortunately for my, the KTs only rolled clever hands. Unfortunately for me, with Pak40s, schreks and KTs blocking the way, I was unlikely to hit Ryan’s objectives early on.

Onto deployment:


Ryan’s tough-nut-to-crack corner

Lucky for me the KTs bagged ‘clever hands’. Relief!


Ryan had air – ARV doin’ its baby-sitting thing…



PaK40s and Grenadiers. Plus the odd fasut/schrek. Looks like one safe objective to me!

Turn one


KTs on the move


The AOP ranges in, naturally I miss with the artillery.

Not much happens in turn one. Lots of hiding on my part – Ryan moves the KTs out aggressively..


2IC takes a pop shot. Needing a roll of a one to save the tiger, Ryan, naturally obliges.


In order (Red, Black, Red) – Hit, Save, Firepower!

At the end of turn two, killing one KT (and not dying in return) is the grand sum of our efforts thus far. Ryan starts turn three by bringing the StuHs on, right opposite objective held by the US Infantry…






The artillery had ranged in each time, but was yet to score a hit. The StuHs made them pay.


The KT Commander protects its flanks from my likely tank destroyer arrival


My first reserves – Chaffees move to outflank the KT…


While I send the CO and original Chaffee platoon after the StuHs. Such a threat cannot be ignored for long.


Ranged in, again. With two guns firing the outcome is predictable.


The Chaffees to their best impression of whiffle-ball; hitting the StuHs once! Ryan bounced it with ease, and then turned their guns towards the hapless M24s. Predictable carnage

Ryan really blew the game open here – although I kept the platoon alive (one tank was hiding, I forgot to move it!, and it passed the platoon check).


In response to Ryan’s domination on the left, I bring the TD’s on and go Tiger hunting


Cav Recon on as well. These boys zip up the road to annoy harass Ryan’s infantry in a turn or two.


Ryan’s KT moved to engage the flanking Chaffees, but copped an M10 round in return!


The SS arrive an assault the infantry – one bogging on the way in, of course!


Bounced! The Bazookas do their job. Forcing the assault back and nailing a few casualties in the process


Artillery ranges in on a new, priority target – and bags a StuH!


SS try their luck again – though pinned, the Bazookas do their job again!


SS taking a beating


Which leaves the job to the StuHs – who promptly annihilate my infantry. Game to Ryan!

To my right I had the Cav Recon, M10s and Chaffees desperately trying to clear the grenadiers – but I couldn’t get into assault range or bag the Panzerschrek. I did manage to kill the PaK40s, giving me a second platoon, and a 4-3 loss.

This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable games of the tournament. Ryan stated later that he probably should have assaulted with the StuHs, with their skirts and (relatively) better armour; can’t say I disagree, although I probably wouldn’t have assaulted at all, and just let those breakthrough guns do the talking! It was a great game to play – Ryan’s dice did most of the damage, either failing to save Chaffee shots, or bogging on the assaults – it certainly provided us with plenty of entertainment!


Better the Devil You Know – MOAB Review

Well, MOAB is done and dusted, and I’ve now had just the 10 games with the Chaffees, using this list. The per-tournamnet practice matches didn’t show any real draw-backs or weaknesses. Eight tournament rounds later, and there was was too much this:


TD’s burning. Who saw that coming?

and way too much of this:


Ryan’s STuH42s make short work of my paper armour


Round 1. Lachlan was shooting ducks in a fish barrel.

Which was to be expected, I knew light armour wouldn’t win a stand-off, and I was aggressive (mostly) with this force to utilize my advantages; speed and stabilizes. The big thing missing? Not enough of this:




This last one was most satisfying…

I finished the tournament with a 3-5 Win Loss (with one 1-6 and one 6-1 – everything else was 4-3 or 3-4). So. The good, the bad and the ugly of my MOAB force.


The Good
How good are 15cm guns? Wonderful you say? Above-expectations-awesome. That’s how good. Sure, no Time on Target is a drawback, and hitting as trained artillery (and getting hit in return) meant I was actually missing more than I was hitting. But when these badboys hit. They hit hard.


Captured Gun Goodness

The 15cms took out a shopping list of opposing forces, KTs, enemy artillery, 88’s, infantry, and an ungodly amount of enemy armour. At one stage a Guards Recce player brought up a short platoon to threaten the objective my artillery was babysitting, only to be direct-fired into oblivion. The AOP was nice, more than nice actually, helping me pick priority targets and taking the pressure off the deployment of my observer (and allowing Audie Murphy to do other Audie things). I lost the AOP only once in the entire tournament, being particularly careful to avoid those pesky .50cal AA guns.

The next ‘good’ thing, Stabilisers. Wow. These things kept my Chaffees alive, allowing double shots of smoke rounds, or better yet, the statistically improbable ‘6 shots on 6s’:


Duly noted

I found the Stabilisers to be a fun addition to the list, and they blew my expectations away. I normally presume to miss with my dice rolling (as Sean will attest), so when the 5’s and 6’s popped up, I was a happy man.

50.cals and tanks with three MGs. That was particularly nice when I (finally) faced infantry companies – that volume of shots, and the 5+ FP in particular is sensational.

Firepower checks – somehow, for once, I nearly always got my 3+ to kill (or 2s with those incredible 15cm guns!) an enemy team. I’ll take that week in week out.

An honourable mention to the Never out of touch rule for the 2nd Cav company – re-rolling reserves got me more than I should have (including three successful ‘calls’ for reserves on the first available attempt).

The Bad
Front Armour 4. In a duel between Panzer IV (J)s and M24s, that one extra pip would have given me a slim hope of bouncing shots. It would have been even better against the Cromwells!

AT 10. I did bag a KT in the rear after Ryan obliged me by rolling a 1 to save his big cat. That, however, was the exception. Too often I saw either great armour saves (AT 10 vs SA 5!) or I just brought too little punch to the fight. The TD’s, while AT 13 (and claiming a pair of KTs themselves) were over worked and had to be used carefully to ensure their maximum effectiveness (like killing seven Soviet Shermans in one round of fire). That left me critically low of high powered anti-tank fire.

Motivation checks. Just. Sigh

The Ugly
Confident Infantry. I had expected the infantry to do an enormous amount of work, and they just… couldn’t cut the mustard


Three times I lost these guys to platoon motivation checks; each time taking my CO with me. They weren’t used recklessly either, an 11 team veteran platoon should have some staying power, but six kills and that was it. They failed countless tank terror and counterattack checks, and often remained pinned. I would love to take fearless troops given the chance. Hmm, Bridge at Remagen is starting to look tempting…

Devil’s in Action – Chaffees Game 2

I got a second (and most likely, final) chance to run the Chaffees pre-MOAB this weekend. Justin has been salivating over Bridge at Remagen heavy German tanks (and their associated dirt-cheapness) and we fought it out with Fighting Withdrawl.


This would be a good opportunity for the both of us; for Justin, the chance to see how four tanks defending (with removing platoons/objectives) was important pre-tournament. For me, well – I was desperate for the chance to run up against heavy armour (albeit… veterans in this case), especially in a scenario of always defends forcing me to come around the sides of the Kings to pop them, whilst minimizing casualties…

Justin was taking three King Tigers (two command tanks, one riding solo in a platoon), three panthers, two 10.5cm Artillery, panzerfaust-rifle grenadiers and sporadic Focke Wulf. My list would be the same MOAB-planned list.
We set up the table, and Justin picked his side to defend:


Justin’s left flank – panzerfaust grenadiers in a field


10.5s guarding the central objective


‘The Zoo’ – King Tigers and Panthers holding the right flank


Close up of the cats



My left flank – guarding against a potential tiger advance are one platoon of M24s, my trained TDs and the trained 15cm ‘captured’ guns


And on the right – the bulk of my force – 2nd infantry, command M24s (not in shot) and Cav Recon… on a road!


Pre game shot


and one of my side!


With Justin not having any recce – it was straight over to me. Cav recon didn’t make full use of their road advantage – but still look sweet!

Post recce move – (Audie decided to stay with his platoon) it was on for the first turn.


Turn one and the recce go hell for leather


With no ‘credible’ (famous last words) templates in Justin’s army, the right flank bunch up nice and tight


While the left flank ‘reorganizes’


The AOP ranges in on the Panthers but I fail to hit (having ranged in on the last attempt..) However the Chaffees make full use of their available ammunition and smoke the ROF 3 company command King


Pinned reluctant infantry – yay!

That was a quick first turn – my decoy worked; the TD’s lured both command tigers on the already heavily defended left flank. Utilizing their speed and small size, both the TDs and the Chaffees make a bee-line for the middle of the table. Realising the right objective is one assault away from being captured, Justin calls the Luftwaffe and…


No credible templates… oops

The FW (Stuka) swoops and and kills one stand – go infantry saves! Importantly, he’s potentially bought some extra time by pinning my confident troops.


First blood to Justin


German artillery tries to get a few more GIs with no luck


Game changing moment right here – the Kings and Panthers move out to engage me


Panthers don’t like being ranged in, apparently


With his left flank exposed and outnumbered, the platoon KT moves toward the far objective – popping some shots at the recce but failing to hit


The kings find the shooting rather tough, but bag a Chaffee nonetheless


Before the central KT storm troopers towards the left objective

Turn two and things start to heat up.


Audie and his boys unpin and head into the forest for an assault…


But its the M24s who make it in, losing one on the way in but forcing the Germans back


After shooting up one gun, the Cav Recon get ballsy and charge the remaining 10.5cm. The KT sees it off… with a re-roll of course!

Justin responds by moving the cats up… again!


Central KT moves to engage the assaulting Chaffees


While the command tigers go hunting the other platoon of M24s


Caught between a rock and a hard place, the Chaffees take another casualty.

I actually start turn 3 in possession of the central objective, thanks to these little guys (the KT had moved up field):


90 points of victory!

Winning the game 6-1 without even scratching the paint. Well, Justin’s paint anyway. Since neither of us got much out of a 5 turn game, we decided to push on, and I see how my little tanks can go against three hungry Kings.


Step one – flank shots. Who said AT10 was terrible? One bailed, reluctant KT…


The two remaining Chaffees get to work on the Panthers, repeating step one – flank shots for the win!. Now you see me…


… and now you don’t! Reluctant platoon check – ouch!


I go for all objectives, bail another Chaffee and push the Grenadiers away. They pass their reluctant platoon moral, ex SS guys perhaps?




The KTs attempt to avenge their fallen cats – bagging a Chaffee…


With the survivor promptly failing its motivation check. 1-1 on Platoons!


My infantry and Chaffees finish off the Grenadiers will I pop and move my TD’s to engage the KT


Despite four M10s and one stationary Chaffee hitting it – the KT shrugs everything off, before the 2IC at the rear scores a bail… one reluctant double bail check later… 3-1 on platoons!


After three turns of ranging in and being bounced, team 15cm-AOP score a direct hit, on the King of Kings, Command Tiger

Losing a third platoon – Justin starts his fourth turn under half strength, and promptly fails that check too.

What surprised me in this game, was how versatile this list is – everything, even the cheap recce, can contribute significantly. What didn’t surprise me, was how much effort it takes to crack a KT. 210 points for a 305point monster is a great trade (15cm guns) but that took five turns! The reality is, I got lucky with Justin being so aggressive. Had he played defensively as all good “always defends lists” can, I’d have been up for much more pain.



Northern Sydney Stormtroopers Club Session

A bunch of us got together for late MOAB practice the other night, including Adam all the way from the Shire (respect for that mate!). Here’s some of the action:


Yanks vs ‘Borrowed’ Yanks – Adam’s lendlease brings the pain


but has a sea of ‘regular’ Americans to combat!


So. Much. Tankovy.


SU100s – the only ‘native’ unit in Adam’s list


Alex takes on James


The Canadian ‘Arty-Park’


You can never have too many AFVs…


Gamers aren’t terribly fashionable – fortunately none of us were responsible for this crime against humanity


Yanks brace for an onslaught of MGs


While pegging a few of the Ruskies




James’ incerdible ability to roll terrible tiger ace skills…






The Spetz… bringers of victory (in their German Halftracks…)

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