How to Paint an A7V tank step by step

By Ry

How to Paint an A7V tank GGBX01 Battlefront

Well I was planning to enter my A7V’s in the Battlefront Great War Painting Competition but could only get my Stoss Platoon ready in time.

For me the A7V’s were the first items built from the great box set Biltz’s Battlegroup (GGEAB1) and took about 2 minutes to clean-up ready for the painting table.

After spending far too much time on google images looking at A7V’s it was time to start.

Check out the finished result.

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Photos from the last club meeting


This gallery contains 11 photos.

Sunday the 15th June saw a great turnout, with Desperate Measures lists getting a run and hopefully the last of the dreaded Naval gun fire. 😉

Painting Gallery – Königstiger (King Tiger) Porsche and Henschel turrets Battlefront

Like many starting at Flames of War, I was quick to grab some King Tigers.

And after base coating I dropped the project, literally :-0

Bent barrels, missing exhausts and chipped resin/paint pushed this project to the back of the painting queue.

Armed with green stuff, spare parts and far too much time, they were on the painting table again.

I think it was a good recovery, let’s hope I don’t drop them again.

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