How to Paint an A7V tank step by step

By Ry

How to Paint an A7V tank GGBX01 Battlefront

Well I was planning to enter my A7V’s in the Battlefront Great War Painting Competition but could only get my Stoss Platoon ready in time.

For me the A7V’s were the first items built from the great box set Biltz’s Battlegroup (GGEAB1) and took about 2 minutes to clean-up ready for the painting table.

After spending far too much time on google images looking at A7V’s it was time to start.

Check out the finished result.

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What a Great War….


At the start if the play test block for Great War I really wasn’t enthused about WWI gaming. By the end of testing I really was enthused, and wanted to keep going. By that stage I had read, and written a bit about Villers Brettoneaux, brushed up on Mephisto (when we went to the QLD museum a few years back, I assumed it was a mock up, or fake. Wrong! The ONLY A7V left in the world, and Aussies nicked it? Get in!) and read about the broader war from the German offensive til the end. The similarities with WWII were much greater than I had suspected. It also gave me a new appreciation for CEW Bean as both a historian and a writer. If you don’t believe me, jump on the AWM website and read some of the official history. It’s very good.

As a result of all this interest, I grabbed a Blitz’s Battlegroup box, which I got a few weeks back now. With MOAB and some commission work on my painting desk, it was a while before I got to painting anything, but last weekend, I threw these together.

Like Mitch I wanted to get a platoon or two done quickly, and being buried under a mountain of German grey the though of doing more doesn’t really grab me, but on the other hand, at least I’m well practiced.

Less talk, more pics? Sure.

Mephisto and Gretchen. (Yes, I took Some artistic licence with the skulls, Mephisto didn’t have one for example, but I do like these decals. Must be the 40ker in me. They are Great decals in the tank box too, not at all like the poor quality decals in the recent BF platoon boxes, no ripping, not too thin).


The guns I wanted to do in the funky camo scheme the Germans used.

See the BF home page for details, and the colour guide. A bit rushed, but really these aren’t ever going to be a ‘best army ‘ winner for me.

The A7V models are really nicely detailed, and pretty easy to put together. And they have loads of guns. What’s not to like?

Great War – Stokes mortar platoon

Hi All

I recently had my British Great War stuff arrive and couldn’t wait to get started painting.

I decided to start with the Stokes mortar platoon. It’s a relatively quick platoon to paint and the mortar crew would be good test models before I start on the Rifle platoons.

The sculpts for these models are fantastic and were a real joy to paint.

I painted them as follows:

1) base coat of English uniform

2) wash of 50:50 water and black wash

3) dry brush brush of English uniform mixed with Iraqi sand for a highlight

4) the helmets and mortars were than painted brown violet

5) the webbing was painted khaki

6) the leather part of the boots were painted chocolate brown and the straps khaki grey

7) the skin was painted with flat flesh followed by a flesh wash.

image image image image image

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