Lists We Play: LRDG

Lists We Play: LRDG

By Ken Snell

Attached is my history piece I put together for the EW GT in 2013. I played a LRDG mechanised company (not very successfully), but it was great fun.

The most interesting game was with Adam Langsam in which the LRDG faced an armoured train for the first time…

For this piece I grabbed a couple of books and found a set of patrol orders that I changed to suit FoW – you will note that key pieces of FoW information is weaved into the orders throughout.

The names of the personnel are real – B Squadron (with Commando and SAS troops) departed Siwa Oasis on a 2,000km odyssey to attack El Agheila airstrip – and then had their wounded evacuated from Landing Strip 125.


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