Photos from our last club meet


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Sunday the 21st of September was the last club meet before MOAB, players gave 1750pts late War lists a run and it was great to see some new faces with mid war armies. Good luck to all players đŸ˜‰  

1st/15th Royal NSW Lancers Parade: Photo Dump

1st/15th Royal NSW Lancers Parade: Photo Dump

By: schnitzel von krumm

Last Saturday Parramatta commemorated more than 125 years of military tradition with street parade, guessing I may never see a Centurion Tank drive down the main street Parramatta again, I had to go!


The nation’s military history did come alive as Parramatta celebrated more than 125 years of the Royal NSW Lancers with a street parade through the CBD featuring cavalry, tanks, armoured vehicles and the modern day Regiment and band.

The Parramatta Lancers Parade, which marks the raising of the 1st Light Horse (Australian Imperial Force) in 1914, now known as the 1st/15th Royal NSW Lancers, pays tribute to Australia’s servicemen and women and commemorates 100 years since the declaration of World War I

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Photos from the last club meeting


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Sunday the 15th June saw a great turnout, with Desperate Measures lists getting a run and hopefully the last of the dreaded Naval gun fire. đŸ˜‰

Photos from: The Australian Mid War GT 2014


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The Australian Flames of War Mid-War GT 2014 was hosted by Hall of Heroes on the 31st of May and 1st of June and saw a fantastic turn out with over 30 players. Check out some of these great armies … Continue reading

Photos from: Inter Club Challenge 2014


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The Inter Club Challenge this year saw a great turn out with 25 players Winner were of course: Western Warriors Best Sport (the Cecil Green Trophy) Mitch Kemmis Thanks again to Mega Games Trader Penrith for supporting the event  

Photos from: The Games Cube One Day Event – Early War


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On the 26th April the Game Cube Parramatta hosted a one day Early War event, the event was a great success. Great work Scotty and we hope to see more events from the Games Cube.

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