Review: Spitfire IX (AC013) Battlefront

Review: Battlefront Spitfire IX (AC013)

By: schnitzel von krumm

When it comes to icons of World War Two the Germans have the Tiger Tank, the Americans have the Sherman tank and the British have the Spitfire. The hero of the battle of Britain for its high performance and lower attrition rate, led it to become the backbone of RAF Fighter Command. The ‘Supermarine Spitfire’ saw action in the European, Mediterranean, Pacific and the South-East Asian theatres and now we have it as a support option for Road to Rome.


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Review: Battlefront A-1 Skyraider VAC01

As a young lad I was always very keen on the Vietnam War, in particular the aircraft in the age of the jet aircraft and the helicopter.

One aircraft stood out as almost being out of place, the A-1 Skyraider.

The more I read my favourite book at the time Vietnam Air Wars by Rene J. Francillon, the more I was impressed by this little prop aircraft.

So when Battlefront released the aircraft, it was a must have.

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