Soviet Tank Killer Company box set

By Ben

Here is one of my painting jobs. Three boxes of Su 85M’s!

SU85M These are going to be painted up in straight green, green and tan and blizzard snow cam. Of course I will be doing it with spray cans, blu tac and a brush.



imageThe miniatures are crisp and the lines sharp. They go together without difficulty. There is effectively five models of SU you can put together from these sprue. imageThat’s great value.



However, this unfortunately leaves a lot of excess. But some of these extra bits are very useful.




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Lazy painters guide to SU-100’s

Lazy painters guide to SU-100’s

Hi all. As you may know I paint a lot, but I hate doing it the hard way. So here is my guide to ‘quick with quality painting’ for SU-100’s.

Photo 13-07-2014 10 42 37 am

Here are my tips:

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Painting Gallery – SU-76M (SU120) Battlefront

SU-76M (SU120) Battlefront

Samokhodnaya Ustanovka (self-propelled mounting) 76M


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