EW Finnish Panssari list.

By Mitch

Last week a Finnish EW Panssari list was released on forces of war as part of the Barbarossa digital releases.  I’m a big fan of Finnish Panssari lists and I’m very excited about this list. It’s finally a chance to have the T-26s in the period they are meant to be used.  Another thing I like about this is that the armoured lists are confident trained, as opposed to fearless veteran, as Panssari companies were a new introduction at this stage of the war. This makes them much cheaper getting you more hulls.  I think this list provide some great attacking options, and should work well against the current EW infantry domination. I’m looking forward to taking this list to the next EW tournament in May.

So the list itself



I’ve chosen T-26s as the HQ and one of the core tank platoons.  I like T-26s in EW as they have a great gun with ROF2, AT 7 and FP 4+. While the armour is not great neither is FP in EW.


The T-28s add some real strength to my armour, they have good armour, good FP and are great assault units with TA2, turret rear MGs and wide tracks.  Plus I really love the models and I’ve been looking for a reason to get them on the table.

The Panssari Christie platoon is included for a few reasons. They are standard tanks with the fast tank rule, so they give me a very mobile unit,  The tank riders make for a great assault unit and the tank still has a great AT7 gun. Not to mention they are one of the coolest models in the Finnish range.

The Jaakari platoon has been included to take and hold objectives.


For the recce, I would have really liked to take BA-10s, however, I think if your recce has too much firepower you’ll be more focused on using it tit kills things as opposed to doing recce things. Therefore, I’ve gone for the cheaper T-38s to keep their focus on preventing ambushes and lifting gone to ground.

The K/02 guns have primarily been included to smoke and pin.  Also in direct fire they are ROF2 with AT8, so they make great anti-tank guns , which can be really handy when defending.


Finally the air support, the almighty Fokker CX. I always like to include air support in my list. While it won’t always do something every game, it has the potential to be a real game changer and it forces your opponent to do things differently.


Overall I think this list has a good balance and should be a lot of fun to play.  It has 3 armoured platoons with 14 tanks all up.  It has recce, artillery, infantry and air to provide a lot of useful support.  I look forward to getting this list on the table.

MOAB 2014 – The little Finnish engine that couldn’t

So with MOAB over, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the weekend that was.

I ran the Panssarikomppania at MOAB.  Now I did go into the weekend knowing that it was not the strongest list going around but I wanted to try something different.



So in the end I finished the weekend 21/32 with 3 wins from 8 games, with some really close games, 3 of which came down to the final dice roll.  However, overall I wasn’t particularly happy with my result, however, I did learn a lot from the weekend and had a lot of fun.

So what are my takeaways from the weekend on the list:


The list

The Panssari list will definitely struggle to be a competitive tournament list.  It’s a tricky list to defend with when you have to defend.  On day 3 we played fighting withdrawal and Hasty assault and I had to defend both times.  It was very tricky trying to defend a long table edge with the list as there is just not enough stuff to go around.  Particularly when I had to defend against Adam’s lend lease tank horde (so many tanks) in fighting withdrawal.






So how did each of the individual units perform:


Against the 6 German lists I played they struggled every game.  Playing against king tigers, jagdtigers and panthers made it hard to use these guys, however, they were still able to get some flank shots at crucial times to knock out some big cats.  I also did try to assault infantry with these guys a few times, which didn’t pay off.


A tough day at the office


These guys did great.  They were able to manoeuvre where I wanted.  They got off tonnes of flank shots.  They got onto the objectives multiple times and overall proved to be a real nuisance to my opponents.  These guys were loads of fun to use.


Getting ready to storm the objective

Getting ready to storm the objective

Pak 40s

These guys really did work well in this list.  Next time i’d rather take a short Jaakari platoon over these guys, they just didn’t gel well with the list.

Jaakari platoon with Lauri Torni

These guys rocked, I wished I had taken a 2nd unit of them.  In the 1st game they accounted for 3 King tigers and a Panther.  They were great in assault and tough to shift in defence.

Lauri Torni single handedly taking down a King Tiger

Lauri Torni single handedly taking down a King Tiger


These guys were awesome.  They put out a lot of firepower for a recce unit and a times were able to take objectives by themselves.  1 of them also managed to knock out a Panther after getting into it’s flank.

armoured car ace!!!

armoured car ace!!!


Another awesome unit.  These guys continue to punch above their own weight on the weekend with their excellent firepower. They were great for digging out infantry and combined with the BA-10s where able to clear a dug in infantry platoon off and objective.


There was some infantry dug in here

76 K/02 artillery

These guys had 1 primary job, smoke, smoke and lots more smoke.  They were essential to the list.  In 2 games I had to attack a King Tiger company and these guys were essential in making it across the board.

Heavy Artillery

I’m really mixed on these guys.  They are essentially to the list as they are the only unit (over than air) that can knock out heavy tanks at range, however, they are a big investment for a tank company and they need to be protected.  However, with the amount of heavy tank companies I faced, they were essential in knocking out the big cats and providing smoke cover to get my tanks across the open.

Artillery set to cover the advance

Artillery set to cover the advance



All in all it was a fun weekend.  I learnt a lot from all my games.  I also got to meet Scott Elaurant, the author of the Finnish lists in grey wolf and get some really good 1st hand tips from him.  I’m looking forward to switching back to the Finnish infantry.  The next tournament coming up is MW and I’m looking to give the Jalkavaki a run.


More Finnish artillery

Hey fellow wargamers and hobby enthusiasts

I’ve finished painting my 3rd Finnish artillery battery over the weekend, a battery of 150 H/40 (15cm sFH18) howitzers.

I plan to use this battery in my LW Finnish lists for both my Jaakari and Panssari lists.  The heavy artillery is the best long range anti-tank threat available to the Finns.  The 2+ FP will also be great for digging out enemy infantry when attacking.  I’ve opted for the German guns over the slightly cheaper Russian guns due to their ability to fire a smoke bombardment. Not that I particularly want my heavy artillery firing smoke bombardments, however, having the back up option is nice.  I can include the heavy artillery in mid war but in my opinion it’s to big a points sink.

To paint the guns I continued with the 3 colour camo scheme that I have been using with a slight change.  The colours used were VMC beige brown, VMC stone grey and VMC reflective green.  Previously I had used VMC German camo bright green for the green but from feedback received and some further research, I decided to use a darker tone of green on this battery.





Finnish Landsverk AA

Hi fellow wargamers

I’ve recently finished some Landsverk AA for my Finnish Panssarikomppania.

I have whitewashed the tanks as I want to keep them consistent with my winter Finns, however, I still wanted to paint the 3 colour camo underneath. Mostly to practice painting camo with my airbrush, but also the base colours still show up even with the whitewash.

The 3 colour camo on the Landsverk was actually Swedish camo colours, which were a combination of brown, green and orange.


Step 1- German camo medium brown

Step 1- German camo medium brown

Step 2 - German camo orange ochre

Step 2 – German camo orange ochre

Step 3- Green Grey

Step 3 – Green Grey

Step 4 - Black wash

Step 4 – Black wash

Step 5 - whitewash

Step 5 – whitewash

Step 6 - paint crew

Step 6 – paint crew

Completed platoon

Completed platoon

photo 1

photo 3


Panssarikomppania – evolution of a list part 3 – 1750 pt list for MOAB

Hi fellow wargamers

Coming up this Oct is MOAB, which is the LW GT in Sydney.  MOAB will be 1750 pts and consists of 8 games over 3 days.

I recently used a 1250pt Panssarikomppania at a one day tournament and had a lot of fun playing it.  As such i’m keen to continue using the list and expand it out to 1750 pts for MOAB.

I have come up with the following list to use:


Below is an outline of what I have included in my list and why:

These guys are the stars of the list. In the games I have played with them so far they have been amazing.
– They are hard to take down with their fearless veteran rating,
– They have a good mix of armour and firepower, and
– They are also manoeuvrable enough to outflank heavy tanks.

T-34/85's in action

T-34/85’s in action

These guys continually punch above their weight for me.
– They are very manoeuvrable with the fast tank and wide track rule,
– They are a great assault unit, particularly with the wide track rule, and
– Like the 34s they have great staying power due to their fearless veteran rating.



Jaakari platoon lead by Lauri Torni
A lot of people would upgrade this platoon to have recce. I’ve chosen to save those pts and would rather have a dedicated recce platoon. These guys really have 2 main purposes in my list.
– When I’m attacking they are going to be my ace assault unit capable of taking and holding an objective. Their ability to re-roll skill checks makes them assault monsters.
– When defending, they are great for holding an objective. The 2+ motivation makes them very hard to shift.

Jaakari on the move

Jaakari on the move

Pak 40 platoon with Toivo Ilomaki
This platoon provides me with some additional anti-capabilities and with a good ambush unit if I’m defending. For 10 pts, Toivo is an instant include. He gets to re-roll hits and can never be pinned.  The result of this is people tend to steer clear of his firing arc, making him a great area denial unit. The additional close defence team is their to provide even numbers and make the platoon harder to break.


This is my recce unit.  I prefer these guys to be my recce unit opposed to the Jaakari as they are cheaper and can solely focus on denying ambushes and lifting gone to ground. These guys also have a fair bit of firepower with a main gun and 2 machine guns, which also makes them a great threat against infantry and light armoured vehicles.

The platoon


Landsverk AA
This platoon has a dual purpose. Their primary purpose is AA, however they are also great at dealing with infantry and light armoured vehicles as they are mounting a bofors gun.

Light artillery 76 K/O2 guns
This platoon has a very simple purpose, provide smoke cover.

76 K/02 Guns

76 K/02 Guns

Heavy artillery 150 H/40 guns
This platoon will be my best threat against heavy tanks and tanks in general.  They will also be great at digging out infantry when attacking.  I took these over the cheaper Russian heavy artillery as they can still provide me with a smoke bombardment if required.Having the 2 artillery batteries allows me to take advantage of the Finnish artillery special rules.

Overall, I think the list has enough to deal with multiple threats and has the essential tools of anti-tank, Recce, AA and smoke.

I know it’s not the strongest list to use, but it is a lot of fun to play. I like to think it requires some Sisu to use :).

Finnish BA-10s

Hey Guys

I finished painting up some whitewashed Finnish BA-10s last night.  These guys will feature in my MW and LW Finnish lists.

The painting process was relatively simple with these.

(for ease all colours referenced below are Vallejo Model Colour)

Step 1- Basecoat of Russian Green

Step 2 – Wash of black ink

Step 3 – Drybrush of white over the model to create the whitewash effect.

Step 4 – Paint the tyres black grey

Step 5 – Paint the inside of wheels gunmetal grey

Overall, i’m quite happy with these guys and they were relatively simple to paint, a great set of model to add to my force.

The platoon

The platoon

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Cube in Flames – 1250 Late War Photo Dump

Mitch and Ross went to the Games Cube to do Late War battle – photos of ours and the other games from a great day gaming.



Mitch’s defensive line








Mitch’s Finns in… Finland 


image Ry takes on Mitch in round 1

Cube 34

  Cube 22

CUbe 21

Cube 17

Cube 16

Cube 15

Cube 13

Cube 12

Cube 11

Cube 5

Cube 4

Cube 2

Cube 1

Mitch’s Army Showcase on his winter table

Mitch 5

Mitch 4

Mitch 3

Mitch 2

Mitch 1

Finnish 76 K/02 Artillery

I’ve finished painting some Finnish 76 K/02 guns.  This artillery battery will feature in my Finnish army across all 3 periods. While they are light artillery, these guys will become my main AT gun in EW with their ROF 2, AT 8 and FP3+. In MW and LW these guys will predominantly be used as a means to smoke and pin as my Jaakari move in for the assault.

I’ve painted the guns using the Finnish 3 colour camo, which comprises of Vallejo beige brown, stone grey and German camo bright green.



photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

Infantry Aces Round 2 Fight!

We’ve recently concluded the 1st round of infantry aces at the club, with round 2 commencing this week. I thought this would be a good opportunity to summarise my key learning points from round 1 and look forward to expand my list to 700 pts.

So 1st up a retrospective, below is my 500 pt list:

500 pt list

A quick recap of my games:

Game 1 vs Soviet Partisans 6-1 victory

Game 2 vs US 10th Mountain Divison 2 – 5 loss

Game 3 vs German Grenadierkompanie victory

Game 4 vs US 10th Mountain Division very narrow 3-4 loss

Key learnings so far (a lot of these are basics but it’s always good to revisit and remind yourself of the basics)

1) mortars are fantastic infantry support weapons. They are a very cost effective way to pin and smoke, making them vital to support your assault.

2) ROF on the move is something you really need to factor in. Having not used rifle teams much previously, I got caught out a few times when I moved and then realised I wouldn’t be able to hit anything with my shooting before going in to assault. I think it’s important to get a good mix of infantry weapons into your platoons where possible. In the case of Jaakari I think it’s essential to have at least 1 HMG combat attached to your platoon to give you cover fire when going into the assault plus the extra shots on defensive fire.  Without the HMG I don’t think Jaakari rifle platoons have enough stopping power. The other thing, which is worth considering is upgrading 1 platoon to SMGs to act as the assault platoon, with excellent ROF on the move.

3) When defending don’t hesitate to move a platoon if you can see your enemy is focusing on one objective.  In 2 games I had this happen to me where it was clear my opponent my was making a play towards one objective. I made the decision both times to move my platoon guarding the other objective and both times it paid off. In the game against the German grenadiers it provided me with the reserves to prevent an otherwise overwhelming assault. In another game against the US 10th Mountain in surrounded, the other platoon was able to swing around and attack the enemy platoon attacking from the rear, and although I went on to lose this game it made it a much closer game then the quick 6-1 loss it would have been had I stay still.

4) if you fail to pin, don’t try and push on with the assault if the odds of getting pushed back are against.  All you really do is provide your opponent with a free turn of shooting you.


So after taking all of this on board I’ve come up with the following 700 pt list:

700 pt list

The changes from my 500 pt list are relatively light.  I’ve dropped the Lahti AT rifle from the HQ and added a full strength Jaakari platoon with SMG’s. The SMG platoon will become my main assault unit and will work well with the aces skill I’m about to unlock which will provide a platoon with the cautious movement special rule.

On that note, I should highlight my infantry ace now has 2 aces skills that I’ve picked up.

The 1st one is Recon Scout which gives my ace the eyes and ears special rule, which will be helpful in getting the mortars to range in.

The 2nd ability is I need mortar support, this allows me to call in a 6 gun mortar bombardment once per game.

Looking forward to round 2 and unleashing massed SMG fire.

Panssarikompannia – evolution of a list part 2 – AAR vs Kampfgruppe Kersher

This weekend, I managed to get another game in with my 1250 pt Panssarikompania versus James and his Kampfgruppe Kersher list.

My list is as follows




James’s list is as follows




We rolled up Cauldron for the mission and I got stuck with being the defender.

I decided to keep my tanks in reserve to allow them to come on later and hopefully create some flanking opportunities.  So to start the game I went with my Pioneers, Pak 40s and 1 of the artillery batteries.


Preparing the defences

Preparing the defences

Realising my CO would be easy pickings for the Tigers and in particular Kersher, I decided to deploy him in a building (what other than a T-26 could fit in a small building).  This would leave him concealed and gone to ground against everyone except Mr super accurate laser beam Kersher.

Master of hide and seek

Master of hide and seek

James decided to start the game with a tiger, king tiger and of course Kersher, with Kersher holding tank a flank by himself and the other 2 big cats attacking from the other side. Lucky for me but unlucky for James, he didn’t roll the Tiger ace skills he wanted, with lots of Clever Hans rolls.  Unfortunately this continued for James later when his reserves arrived.



The 1st few turns saw my Pak 40s trying to pick off his tiger at range.  This was not the smartest move, in retrospect I should have left them gone to ground, however, I did get lucky and roll my saves for them when they got hit. My 2iC also got destroyed after being lined up by the King Tiger.  All the while Kersher received plenty of attention from my artillery, who were under strict orders to keep him smoked at all costs.


It's raining smoke

It’s raining smoke

By turn 3 my T-34/85s arrived from reserve and got stuck into the flank of the King Tiger, lined up their shots and bang, down goes the King.

We bow to no King

We bow to no King

Turn 4, the 85s continue to show off their cat killing prowess as they take down the other Tiger on my left flank, thus clearing the flank.


Turn 5, with the left flank clear I swung round my pak 40 covering the left flank to now fire on the right flank where the reserve tigers and hetzers had shown up. I also moved my 35s up into a position to fire some long range shots at one of the reserve tigers to no avail. Also my 76s showed up and effectively went into hiding.  This turn my smoke bombardment failed, allowing Kersher to strut his stuff and take out 1 of my 85s. I think I also lost my Pak 40’s this turn.

Turn 6, My final reserves arrived.  The remaining 2 85s got revenge and destroyed the Hetzer and thus taking James’s company below the break point.



Turn 7, This turn finally saw my CO or “Balls of steel” finally get destroyed, after receiving 7 turns of shooting from Tigers and Hetzers.

Balls of Steel

Balls of Steel

James also managed to kill one of my 85s.  The final tank failed his fearless motivation test and departed the battlefield.

Turn 8, The pioneers decided to finish off the game rather then waiting for a failed company check and rushed out to successfully assault Kersher.

The final act

The final act

So overall a 5-2 victory to the Finns.  Unlucky for James he did have a few dice rolls fail him, i also probably made 1 or 2 more saves with my tanks and guns then i should have.

So what did I learn from this game

1) A Panssarikompannia can tackle the big cats

2) The decision to change my original list to include artillery to provide smoke has made a big difference.  Without the ability to fire the smoke bombardments on Kersher I would have been in a world of hurt

3) Veteran T-34/85s are amazing, I’m really falling in love with this platoon.  In 2 turns they managed to take out a King Tiger and a Tiger and completely clear a flank.

4) Against tigers I’d be better off saving my Pak 40’s for close range, at long range, they have a much smaller chance of knocking out a tiger.  Keeping them gone to ground with have meant they couldn’t be shot from long range and will also kept their gone to ground shot if shot at close range.

All in all I’m really enjoying using the Panssarikompannia.  I’m seriously considering expanding the list out to 1750 pts to use at MOAB in a few months.


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